Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Trip To The Coast

This last weekend was our anniversary, and in honor of event we arranged for a kidless trip to the coast. Leaving Friday after I was done at work we started discussing the game-plan for the weekend. The wife wanted to make the almost three hour trek north for bagels at our favorite place in Seaside. Feeling a little adventurous I was in, and am glad we did it.

After doing the breakfast thing the wife mentioned going to the store in town that has a ton of NASCAR stuff. I say needing, but it was probably more like wanting a display case for two of my 1/24 Kyle Busch cars. I was all for hitting the store, and trying to convince the wife to let me get a case. She was more than willing as it was her who mentioned getting a case before I could. Not only did she say get a display case, she told the guy we wanted the three car case. Once I get the new room done in a few months I'll have an extra display case. Guess it means I'll have to get a new car at some point to fill the empty case.

While this was a great stop the best was yet to come. After a few side trips in town we started the journey south, and back to the beach house. Deciding to hit some of the antique type store we always see, but never stop at. Our first was an antique store in Wheeler. Going through the place I came across a treasure that while not antique was exactly what I was looking for. Sitting in a box was this beauty.

2007 Gold Glove Ichiro bobblehead. The best thing about Ichiro is he finishes off my 2007 Mariners bobblehead collection.

When I first started the Mariners bobblehead collection I had serious doubts that I'd be able to complete one of these sets. Thanks to this great find I have my first completed year, and hope for completing another in the future.

Stopping at a few more shops including a thrift store. Nothing compared to the display case, and the Ichiro find. That is unless you are a fan of cheese as one of the stops was the cheese factory. I can't ever drive past there without making a stop for cheese curds. In the end it was an awesome trip that reminded me why I take these long drives every so often.


  1. Happy anniversary Zenus. Sounds like you have a keeper there.

  2. Happy anniversary... and congratulations on finding that Ichiro! It's flippin' awesome!