Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Mall 205 Haul

This was the first time I have ever done the Mall 205 card show. While I have done the Beaverton one a few times since getting back into collecting. As some would say I remember some of the dealers from the Beaverton show, and heard them talking about being there. The cool thing is one of my favorite guys was there with some stuff I hadn't seen since doing the show late last year. He usually buys collections, and then sells everything for a great price to recoup the money, turn a little profit, and sounds like add some cards into his own collection. One thing about these shows haunts me though.

I always seem to go with a set plan, and more often than not the plan goes right out the window. Since getting back into collecting this problem has been my downfall. There is good news though as from reading other blogs I'm not the only blogger that suffers from this lack of focus. Take for instance this very show.

One plan going in was to get cards for sets. I did that goal as I can cross of eight cards from the wantlist.

four great hits to the 2003 Authentix

four cards for two different subsets in the stadium cards binder.

Another goal is to add some goodies for the player collections.  This goal was nailed down, but was something I could have done even better than I did.

A Mark Teixeira, and two Juan Nicasio's isn't a bad start.

Four new Ryan's, and a double for a fellow trader that collects Ryan.

This is where things begin to go south for the plan. While there were more opportunities to add cards into the player collection, and some into my 2013 Topps series 2. I picked up cards for players that I have been considering collections for.

It wouldn't be something that drives me crazy except for one thing. During card shows last year I followed this same trend. Then when the year was over I decided not to collect the few players who I had picked a bunch of cards for. Hopefully this year doesn't end the same way, with all these cards going into the future trading stock. So what I did at this show was fall into the same trap I fell into last year. Hopefully in future shows I can gain focus, and just stick to the cards I can use. Instead of passing on stuff I need, and ending up with cards I just felt an impulse to buy.

In the good news department I fought the urge to buy a couple packs of 2014 Donruss for no reason other than to open a pack. Only wanting a few cards from the set I considered just buying the cards outright, and saving money on opening tons of packs for those cards. In the end I didn't buy either the packs or singles. Hopefully I can stay strong, and look for the singles at the next show.

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