Saturday, March 8, 2014

College Bowl Pick-em Winnings (part 4, final cards)

The sad day has come when it pertains to the box of goodies from Kerry at Cards on Cards. It's kind of bitter sweet as opening three packs a day has been a fun experience. At the same time I finally get to see what the commemorative patch that has been tormenting me since starting this. All this has showed that I can be patient as I've held of opening it until tonight while writing this post. I say tonight as this post is being written Friday night. Once again lets get down to business shall we?


#301 Jake Peavy
#290 Chad Bettis- Another young Rockies pitcher 
#149 Miguel Cabrera highlights
PH-19 Mike Trout- The Future is Now - Now I have both of these for my Trout collection. Nice way to finish off the box.
#263 Doug Fister- Target red parallel
#191 Chris Perez- Target red parallel
#227 Andrew Cashner
#44 Matt Carpenter- How ironic is that the box comes from a Cardinals fan, and the box ends with a Cardinal. In honor of this ending how can I not show the card?

Now comes the moment I've been waiting for since getting the box. I've been so good, and staying honest by not opening this card until now. I've seen a few of these on other blogs, and thought these are pretty sweet looking. So lets get to it....

Not a bad looking card to get as the patch card. You could put me in the group that would rather have the actual card though.

Once again I would like to thank Kerry for running such a great contest. If you didn't participate this year hopefully he will run it again. When that time comes I will once again be in the contest.. So keep the college bowl season in mind, and join all the fun.

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