Sunday, March 23, 2014

Baby Bull Nectar

While the card above is a cool looking card in my opinion, this card does not classify as nectar. Why even bother showing the card then you ask? It was one of three new additions to the Wilin Rosario collection picked up at the Beaverton card show on Saturday.

Rosario is one of the two players I have decided to make as my main current player collections. Two other players are on the list, but not with the passion I am collecting Rosario, and Trout cards. With that spot the two got a goal in my 2014 Bloggolutions. That goal was #3, and is to add ten pieces of Rosario, and Trout nectar into the collection. Saturday helped with the addition of two Rosario cards.

As I was getting ready to leave the show I made my way to the last table. I saw this guy at the Mall 205 show, and remembered him because of all his energy. Odds are most the dealers are the same at both shows, but two guys stick out in my mind. One is the guy who has tons of boxes, and does dollar, quarter, and nickel boxes of the three most major sports. Sorry hockey doesn't make the cut when it comes to these boxes.The second was the guy at this last table because as I said he is high energy.

At the last show he was so busy with people looking through his football stuff. The table was insane, and I barely got to interact due to the craziness. Trying to get in I didn't see any baseball boxes, and came across only a small stack of baseball cards which I did find a Trout in that I bought at the time. This time things were more manageable with only a couple other buyers at the table. Looking over I saw a box with cards arranged by teams. As I reached for the Rockies he asked if I had a certain guy I look for. The typical question, but one that acknowledges your existence. As I got ready to say a name this popped up.

As I held it up for him to see I responded with Wilin Rosario. While I looked somewhat calm I know I was far from it. He could tell I was pumped, and that the card was coming home with me. This is when things got a little crazy, and I could see his high energy start going even higher.

Letting him know that I can never seem to find common Rosario's let alone nectar. That is when he burst out with I have another, and it's a sweet card. At this point I was hooked, and had to see this card in the worst way possible. Sitting behind him was a box of random cards he said haven't made it into their place yet. Containing maybe a couple hundred cards in cases he brought the box up, and said I was more than welcome to help him look. Each taking a stack, and going through them he then got distracted by another buyer. As I hit the halfway point in the box there was no sweet Rosario only a change from baseball to football.

Back into my direction he came as he seemed to know if he could find that card it was coming home with me. Thinking for a couple seconds he lifted a box off another, and said he had odds, and ends minor league type stuff. Once again both of us started flipping through cards looking for my treasure. As we got halfway through the single row he started to think that maybe he sold the card, and somehow forgotten. Just then he got the look of disappointment as he flipped up a card to show me a Wandy Rodriguez. As he showed me the card which honestly wasn't that cool in my mind up popped a card that was much sweeter in my opinion.

A 2011 Futures game-used that is numbered 175/199. For some reason I've liked the look of these cards since the first time I saw one. Finally getting to add a Wilin Rosario patch is the best way to add one of these into the collection.

It might be a few months before I get back to either of these card shows with everything going on. Ending with these cards is going to have me itching to go again when I do get the chance.

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  1. Sweet find. I love interacting with the dealers at thecard shows because they have some interesting stories.