Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Upcoming Mall 205 Card Show & Thrift Treasures

I'm going to start this post off by getting right to the point. I know of four bloggers from the Portland area. I'd say five, but I'm not sure if having to drive an hour and a half to Portland counts as being in the Portland area. With that in mind there is the frequently held card show at Mall 205 on the 8th. Unless some unforeseen circumstances come up I will be going to the show. While I did the Beaverton show three times last year after returning to card collecting. I have yet to do the Mall 205 show, and am a virgin to this show if you will.

From touring other blogs atleast one blogger has mentioned getting together at a card show. Thinking to myself why not put a face to a few of the blogs I read, lets do this. So if anyone wants to either exchange some cards in person, look through cards together, or just stop me and say hello. I'm going to be sporting my black Fresno Grizzlies hat with the orange F on it. I try to arrive as close to opening time as possible for events like this show, but usually end up early by fifteen minutes or so. Like I said I haven't done this show before so if you have an obvious meet up spot I'm in. Just let me know by commenting here so anyone interested can stop there.


Card shows aren't the only thing going on in the world of the cat. On Monday my plan was to just hang with the dog, and get some mailing ready. The wife had other plans as a stop into Costco was in her plan for my day. What that meant is I had to make a stop at not one, but two thrift stores. My first thrift store was the usual Goodwill where I found the following.

Another baseball for the collection that I keep claiming I'm not going to buy any more of. This one was for ice cream so it had to come home. How could I leave a baseball for an ice cream place sitting there? I couldn't, so it came home with me. Two rows down I found another great find in another binder of card pages. Much like the last binder it's an 'O' ring so I bought it only for the pages. Twenty-seven pages to be exact, all for the cheap price of $1.99. The craziest thing about the binder was sitting just four inches away was a hockey sports card binder with no pages inside.While I didn't look I assume the hockey binder cost more than the binder with actual pages inside.

Excited about how my luck was running I decided to push it. My second thrift stop was St. Vinnies which is just a few blocks from the Goodwill. Usually I don't go here as its very rare that I find anything interesting. Today rare was in my favor as I walked out with a couple needed items.

Two ball holders for those baseballs I keep buying. I figured last week that if I was going to continue buying baseballs I should come up with a way to showcase them. The plan has been set in motion as I'll keep buying these ball holders every so often. Getting two of them on the cheap was a dream come true.

 All the dice are for another hobby room look. In the past I commented about having a few old canning jars in the room. One of the jars is being filled with various dice from games. Any time I come across ones like the five above they go into the jar. Currently the jar is maybe 1/3rd full, and filling faster than the other jars. One day when I get moved into the new hobby room I'll show off the group of jars. Until then they are like all the other hobby room goodies. Things you get to see in bits and pieces until the time comes to showcase everything.

Lately my luck has been flowing when it comes to the thrift store stops. Today was the peak of this run of luck. Hopefully it keeps running as I'm not ready for it to end just yet.

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  1. Not sure if you're in my area (SF Bay Area), but if you are... I'm about to donate about 12 or 13 binders full of pages/cards. I'm going to list them on Craigslist in the next couple of weeks, but I don't think I'll have too many offers. If that's the case, I'm going to donate them and use it as a tax write-off.