Friday, March 14, 2014

More Fish

One of the great things about collecting not only baseball cards, but pocket schedules is when things like this come out.

I know they exist, and can search one out for the collection. Something a little different for the Trout collection that not everyone goes after. Things like this is the type of additions that I search for in my player collections.

Knowing how much I love adding items like the schedule above into the collection. Imagine my excitement when I learned Trout wasn't only on the spring training schedule.

That's right! Trout is the cover boy for the Angels season schedule. What this means is the Angels know that this man is the face of the franchise. Trout is the man they are banking on getting the job done once again this upcoming season. Teams don't just put anyone on their schedules, they put their main man.

Trout isn't the only player on Angels schedules. The team decided to go a different direction this year than in previous seasons. Albert Pujols is the cover boy for the Spanish version schedules that are out as well. Does this mean the team will add other players into the mix as the season goes forward will be interesting to see. If the Angels don't add more players the odds are they will add new sponsor backs. The new sponsors has been a trend for years, and hopefully for my collection a thing they do once again. Until then I do have these two beauties for the collection.

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