Monday, March 24, 2014

It's Artelope Season

With opening day for the MLB coming soon, and some minor leagues starting not much later. The start of artelope season has opened. Last week I started loading up while sitting at the coast by doing seven envelopes. On Tuesday I threw in the request letter, and SASE for the return on six of the requests. Today I bagged me a return which ended up being a disappointment. First the bait...

Not my best work by any means, but it is early in the season. My request to the team was more for a business card to update the collection as the team has become a Twins affiliate. What I got was this.

Two schedules, and a letter from the team on how to get pocket schedules. I probably should show letters when I get them, but as for this one it ended up in the recycle cart. From here on out I will try to remember to show off letters. This time I was so thrown off that I just crumbled it up, and tossed it for recycling. The part that threw me off the most was it telling me in a letter that contained pocket schedules in it. How to request pocket schedules if I wanted more.

Either way this still leaves me without a business card from the Kernels that has the Twins affiliation represented. Guess I will give it another try later on this summer, and maybe I can show off the letter with that return. Until then I still have five more requests from last week out there, and the hope that they will pay off. Once those get going I sent out seven more today with two being business card requests, and the rest being more for the schedules. Hopefully the remainder of artelopes season gets better as it's a long season


  1. If I get the chance to get over to CR, I'll swing by Veterans Stadium and see if I can pick you up a business card. Otherwise,I have a couple of friends who work in that area that I can get to snag you one (CR is 150 miles from Des Moines). I'll hit one of them up tonight.

  2. I just texted him. He'll swing by and bring it to me over drill weekend, the first weekend in April. I'll then mail it to you.