Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cat, and Bird Artelopes

This has been a crazy weekend when it comes to the mailbox. Luckily for me this will leads to blog posts during a time I have been struggling for ideas. Among this group of treasures was two returns from my baseball related artelopes. The first came from the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

The Fisher Cats front office has always been good to me, and this return was no different. Going with my version of a logo used by the team I was sent three schedules, and a business card. Each year New Hampshire puts out anywhere from two to four different schedule variations. This is the first of this years collection.

My second return came from the Rochester Red Wings of the International League.

Rochester has a new logo that will be debuting this upcoming season. The new logo is why I mailed the Red Wings as I need an updated business card. While my artwork isn't up to par for drawing this new logo. I went with a wing across the bottom of the envelope. In the end I will be forced to make another attempt as Rochester sent me 2 schedules, and no business card.

Maybe next time I will try to do the new logo or do something different. Until then if anyone out there wants these two schedules they are available.

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