Friday, March 28, 2014

Baseball, and Rides Tennessee Style

Thursday evening when I was finally able to hit the mailbox there was a PWE from Tennessee. Giving it a quick glance it only took a mere moment to realize that Mark from the blog Mark's Ephemera had sent me a goodie. Not thinking for one second about this very post 2014 Tennessee Smokies Pocket Schedule that Mark had done on the 25th. I headed towards the house wondering what cards Mark was sending my way. As I opened the envelope I was hit by something that in my mind is every bit as good if not better than baseball cards.

When Mark said he had sent one to a fellow blogger already I never thought for a second I was that guy. How this had escaped me with the trade we had done in the past was beyond me. The Smokies did a good job with the look of this schedule.

The Smokies schedule wasn't the only surprise contained in this PWE. Mark showed that he made a visit to my business card wants page as he dropped a biggie on me.

This is what you call a two fer. If you have never looked at my business card list I'll share why this card is significant. Amusement parks, and waterparks are very high on my business card favorites. Around here we love our waterparks, and enjoy amusement parks. These two loves led me to start a collection associated with the two different parks. This card nailed down both the amusement park, and waterpark aspect all in one. That in my mind is a grand slam of a business card.

Mark, you made this cat a very happy collector.

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  1. Glad you like them. I've known Tim for more than 18 years now. When I explained why I wanted his business card he asked if maybe his rookie business card might be worth more. He also asked if he should sign it.