Monday, March 10, 2014

A Little Pre-Show Thrifting

Last week I made it well known that on Saturday the Portland Mall 205 card show was in the plan. Luckily nothing came up, and I made the show without a hitch. Before the show came another adventure that is always my favorite. Arriving in Portland way earlier than I had planned due to making amazing time on the drive up. Throw in the wife being forced to work so I woke up early.

I arrived over an hour early, and decided to make a stop at Krispy Kreme for some donuts. Directly across the street a new Goodwill opened a month or two ago. Thinking that this would be something to do as a time killer. It didn't hurt that I could hit the store as it opened, and get down the road before traffic started getting crazy. With all this running through my head I went in looking for some treasures. Not to disappoint I headed down the aisle of frames, and spotted this beauty sitting there calling my name.

It's 8x10, and still wrapped in plastic. Looking at the picture it took all of two seconds to decide that it needed to come home with me. The first thing that stuck out to me is the fact that the Kingdome is the round white building in the middle upper. Until seeing this picture I never knew that Safeco Field was bigger, yet alone that much bigger than the Kingdome.Maybe its just that Safeco is the closer object so it looks bigger.

Since this picture was taken the Kingdome has been taken down, and replaced with CenturyLink Field. When we go to Mariners games we park inside the CenturyLink Field parking garage. If you ever go to a Mariners game keep it in mind. Parking at the garage is half the price of using the Safeco Field parking garage.

Lucky for me I wasn't done quite yet. Another couple aisles down was the nick-nac row, and another Mariners prize. Normally this would be considered a treasure except for the fact its Yuniesky.

Back before I started the hobby room, and filling it Mariners bobbleheads. The opportunity to buy this bobblehead came up at a Goodwill, and I passed. Yuni is one of the top most disliked players ever in my house, and possibly Mariners country. Since then I started collecting Mariners regardless of who they are. The antique stores at the coast have one, and want 15 dollars for it. There have been a few times I was getting closer, and closer to pulling the trigger on buying one. Glad I didn't as now I have one for a third of the price. Yuni now puts my 2008 bobblehead collection one player closer to completion.

After finishing up with this store I made another side trip as I still had half an hour. Sadly this journey ending with nothing to show for my time. I'm not really that upset as my first stop came up with two great items for the hobby room.

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