Monday, March 3, 2014

Another Bad Trade Post

From reading the title one could assume that I'll be talking about a bad trade. In reality the trade wasn't bad just this post about the trade is.

I mean how can any trade that contains cards such as a Mark Teixeira Ovation card be called a bad trade? Its a beautiful card that I just wish could get the respect it deserves. Not being included in a post talking about how I struggle at times with my trade recaps.

Ron even added these two sweet cards in with the Ovation card. Yet I froze up, and only came up with the idea for a post that talks about how terrible my trade posts can be sometimes.

All I know is that hopefully one of these days I will be more consistent in putting out quality trade posts. Currently they are hit, and miss at best. Maybe if I keep working at it they will be up to par with our top bloggers one day. I doubt it, but I will keep dreaming and trying.

Until then all I can do is say Ron from the group TradingBases dropped four sweet Mark Teixeira cards on me. Just know that I was thrilled to add these into the Teixeira collection. Even if my post doesn't give you the respect you deserve Ron. Don't hold it against me as I'd love to better with a future trade.

1 comment:

  1. Great cards. I am a Teixeira collector myself. That Ovation card is a real beauty.