Monday, March 31, 2014

(2 by 3 Heroes) and Villians From Star Wars

Just a touch over one week ago Jeff who runs the blog 2 by 3 Heroes ran a post about one of his other passions Star Wars. Back when I was collecting baseball cards in the early nineties non-sport cards became a sort of side hobby. Unlike the baseball cards which were going to make me filthy rich. These were cards I enjoyed for various reasons. Their future worth meant nothing in the big scheme of things.

Now here we are twenty years later, and I'm back into baseball cards for fun, and the non-sports are a kind of background hobby that never gets much attention.. The cards from that time all sit in a couple boxes with some started sets waiting for the last few cards, and others waiting for a new home one day.

Reading Jeff's post I remembered having a set of Star Wars cards, and responded to Jeff's post asking if he would like these cards. We exchanged a few e-mails, and a Star Wars trade was born. Offering up a set of cards I never knew existed for my Star Wars stuff was a cool addition.

Once the cards got here I was like a little kid looking for the cards of what were my favorite characters from the Star Wars franchise.

Being I was a small kid when these came out Chewbacca, and Darth Vader were by far my two favorites. I still remember going to see Darth Vader at the mall. That was a huge thrill at the time for me, and the tons of other kids that showed up for the appearance. Over the years my Darth Vader appreciation has fallen to the side, but I still love Chewbacca.

Still a kid as more of these started popping up. I much like all the other kids in my area atleast loved these characters.

Of all the cards in this set this one holds the most meaning for me. While I can't tell you anything about Aurra Sing, and her part in the newer movies. This appreciation has to do with our vacation in 2010.

That year we decided to do a Disney World vacation in June. Little did we know until after the plans were made that our visit was during Star Wars Weekends. Finding out about this event I made the plan to do one full day at the park experiencing this. Looking back now I wish it would have been two day, but what can you do? Knowing that the wife, and daughter weren't Star Wars fans the wife planned on just hanging at the room, and doing some laundry and swimming.

Needing a break around noon I came back to the room for a quick nap, and lunch. The heat just was too much so a nap refreshed me. The daughter seeing some of my pictures from the day so far wanted to come join the festivities with me. Happy to take her along for some photo ops, we were off. In the afternoon Sing came out as a character that just floated around for interaction. Wanting a picture I had the daughter stand, and hoped for the best. What came was an interaction that was pure classic.

 Not afraid of many things my daughter still says til this day that she freaked her out. Not wanting to repeat that part of the weekend she says if we are ever able to do this again she would do the Star Wars thing.

Have to say thank you so much Jeff not just for the cards, but the memories that looking through those cards brought back.

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  1. Love Aurra Sing. Wish she played a bigger role in the movies.