Saturday, March 15, 2014

It Hurts To Watch 6.0

One of my favorite series of posts since doing the first has been this very series. With all except one of these coming while I have either gone to the coast, or gone on vacation. This time we are going to the coast again as it's the wife, and mine anniversary. In honor of the trip we once again go with the fun known as 'It Hurts To Watch'

There times while doing these I can't decide which card is my favorite. Here you have the build up of the runner bearing down on the catcher. The suspense of a collision that is about to happen. Will the ball arrive in time to record the out or was the runner safe. I can say one thing about this play. From the look of the players in the background, odds are this was a run to win the game.

Then you get plays like this, and I think maybe the card with the actual play is the best. With Kenji actually holding the ball you can tell this was a very close play. Amazingly the first thing that came to mind when I saw this card is its significance. The way this play turned out is how the new rule for plays at the plate are supposed to turn out. Still very exciting, but possibly minus the aftermath on this next card.

While this could be the end result it will be much more rare than before. Losing these will be a sad day as sometimes the aftermath from a play at the plate is amazing. All the dust from the collision makes for some sweet looking cards. Hopefully we don't lose those cards as they are great to look at.

All this still leaves me confused as which is the best?

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