Monday, July 28, 2014

Staying Busy For The Weekend

Talk about a busy weekend here at the cathouse. One week ago I got my mojo back on wanting to finally get my hobby room started, and hopefully finished soon. As anyone who comes around here often enough knows I was hitting the home painting project hard. Then my desire came to a screeching halt, and has been slow going ever since. Just as it left it came back a week ago, and screamed lets get to work!

Getting all the daughters stuff out of the room was the first goal. Spending a few hours as she was actually ready to get it done herself. We had the room pretty close to striped down of all her stuff. Part of me believes her getting that same desire to get her stuff out that I had has really started to keep this train running. Then as I was starting to salivate at the thought of starting the painting process.

That is when a huge roadblock presented itself in the way of the wife. As we finished up she commented that I've had all this stuff set aside for a garage sale, and putting it all in the room, and getting it ready would be a great idea. The last few months me would have put all the stuff in the room, and sat back for a few weeks. The train rolling along me put everything in the room, and signed up on the back-up vacation calendar for Friday off. It seems that Friday has become the new Saturday for garage sale people. Not knowing if I was doing a Friday, Saturday sale or just a Saturday sale I got everything ready.

Friday came, and I made my way to work. Sitting there ready to go the boss looked at me, and said those magical words I wanted to badly to hear. "Would you like to go home?" SOLD!! Realizing we weren't completely ready as I came to the realization it was a Saturday only sale. I was forced to make my way to a certain big box store to purchase something so we could get change. Nobody had gotten change since we weren't doing this until Saturday.

Being a baseball card collector, and blogger the first thing that came to mind was a quick pack of cards. Sadly this retailer's card section has been growing ever so smaller as other collectible stuff is moving in on the baseball cards. Gone are the small ten or so packs of cards. All that there is to choose from are hanger packs, and boxes. I settled on a pack, and went to pay, and get change.

Needless to say the wife was right. Friday is the new Saturday when it comes to garage sales around here. We had a great Friday, and sold a bunch of things I thought were going to end up making a trip to Goodwill. Saturday not so much as we barely had anyone come by, and cleaned up earlier than planned. A quick nap followed, and then a game in Eugene which I will post about sometime this week. Hopefully that time will be Tuesday.

Sunday brought more life into me getting things done on the room. The day started by watching some NASCAR, and doing work on the room during commercials. If you watch NASCAR you know that there is tons of time to get things done as commercials seem to be mostly what they show during races. After the race a trip to the store for primer, and the first coat went up to cover the current color. A color that closely resembles this.

Ours is a little more to the lime color, but you get the idea. Could be why these cards don't drive me nuts so much like it does others. Today's plan is a second coat which will hopefully set me up for my color choice. If it doesn't complete the change then I'll spend another day after work laying a third coat down. All this for what I am hoping will be the painting this coming up weekend. From there it's all running downhill as I get to start the process of moving things into the new room. Once that's done maybe I can finally cross of getting the hobbies in order. I doubt it, but I can always dream can't I?

((Note:: All five cards came from the hanger pack, and if you need any can be yours for the mere price of e-mailing me your address so I can send the one or more you'd like.))

Friday, July 25, 2014

Feeling A Little Clingy

Recently one of the guys I have been trading schedules with for years had some health issues. This isn't just one of the guys I trade schedules with though. Our trading has resembled the type of trading that goes on with bloggers all the time. In the past we have had times where one of us would get something in, and get a response saying I need two. Without giving it a second thought about when or if something was coming back the schedules would be sent out. Its been an awesome trading friendship that I have been glad to have.

With some things still going on, and him looking to attempt 2014 schedules. I had contacted him about getting an address reminder due to I'm terrible about keeping addresses. You'd think with all our trades I'd have it ingrained in my memory, but I don't. Sending him a small head start towards this year he replied back asking if I still collected RailCats stuff. Answering with a quick yes he told me he had a RailCats cling schedule, and to expect it this week. On Thursday it arrived, and here it is in all its glory.

For those that don't know about the RailCats here are some tidbits. The team is actually the Gary-Southshore RailCats. Currently they play in the independent American Association where according to the cling they are the reigning Champions. Starting out in the Northern League in 2002 the team won two titles before moving over to the American Association. Lastly the team is my favorite non-affiliated team.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Trucks On Dirt = AWESOME

Normally I don't do two posts in one day, but after watching the truck race tonight in Eldora how can I not. If you didn't watch what you missed was possibly the best NASCAR will offer all season long.

After doing this race last season, and getting a full on this needs to happen every year. NASCAR brought the trucks to Eldora again this season. In what is more like a local track race ran by NASCAR truck stars. This race's legend just grew to historic proportions with the way things ended.

With Darrell Wallace Jr. leading young gun Kyle Larson took his truck all the way to the limit trying to win this race. Then with just a couple laps left his truck went past its limits, and was left as nothing more than a pile of scrap metal. This was just simply put incredible racing that makes you realize that trucks on dirt = awesome.

Despite being your winner to this race, and running away with it. Kyle Larson was all the rage with how far he was willing to go in hopes of taking this victory home. More than anything I think the kid picked up tons of fans with his driving. We already count ourselves as fans of the kid, and were sad to see him end up finishing in the back after giving everything he did.

Doing The Garage Sale Errr Swap Meet Thing

On Saturday we had the three times a year world's largest garage sale thing for the summer happening. Being I missed the April one due to the wife's wreck a part of me wanted to hit this show. There was one problem that was preventing this from happening. My company picnic was on the same day, and the wife seemed pretty interested in going. Then Friday came around, and she had second thoughts about going. This gave me the opening I needed to mention the garage sale event.

While talking about it she could tell I really wanted to go, and hit me with a surprising twist. I wasn't going solo on this trip as she wanted to come along. Having a companion for the journey sounded cool as she is also so accepting of doing Goodwill stops on the way home too.

Getting up early we made our way to the show right as the gates opened. Still needing to park we found our spot, and headed in for the bargain hunting. Starting things off it didn't take me long to find a treasure to take home.

According to the back of the card this is number two in the series. How many of these there are I couldn't tell you. What I do know is while in Seattle watching the Mariners one of the guys told me about how much he missed these.

This was my first chance to break in my negotiating skills. The original price was five dollars, but I brought it home for a mere three dollars.

From there it took awhile before I came across another goodie that wanted to come home.

This I got for two dollars, and goes with my growing collection of these cars. It is one of the Cartoon Network cars that were raced long ago. I'm trying to get one of each car as I just think they look cool. The tricky part is I already have this car yet I don't. Not only is this a cheaper version of the one I already have. The better version has Velma on the side while this version has the mummy. If I can find room for this car it will have a home. If not it will disappear either now or later to make room for either another car from the series or something totally different.

Unfortunately this was the best I could do at this show. The wife didn't do too bad as she came away with two new pans including a sweet sauce pan that was in the box unopened. I did see two other items one a small Rockies banner, and the other a pack of 2003 Mariners cards from a giveaway. Neither person seemed interested in selling their stuff as they couldn't be bothered to get out of their chair and acknowledge my existence.

After leaving the show we went out to eat, and then started to make our way homeward.

On our last stop I snagged this mini catcher's mask. Sometime last year I got the Rockies mask so now having the Mariners means my collection is complete.

Not doing as good as I had hoped in finding things. I was still pretty pleased with what I did find. Something I found interesting at this show was the amount of overpriced junk wax cards. Last year I hit all three shows, and saw maybe two binders of cards in all three shows combined. This show had lots of cards everywhere, but nothing that really interested me. I did give a quick look at a football binder that if I collected football would have been well worth the time. Looking back it is something I should have possibly thrown an offer on, and found some people to send the cards to. The first page had what looked to be some late seventies or early eighties stuff. It's amazing how we will think about these type of things later, and when it's too late to change things. Just something to think about if this opportunity presents itself in the future.