Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Still a little wore out from what ended up being a longer weekend than expected. While the trip north to Portland, and the card show was expected. One trip I hadn't planned on was the one south for an oil change in the new car.

Until recently that wouldn't have been a big deal, but the daughter does guitar lessons now. That unfortunately is a longer drive than I'd like for it to be. So throw all that into one big day to go along with the card show, and I spent atleast 8 hours driving in two days. Not complaining much here as I did well at the card show, and got some goodies on my trip south. What type of goodies you ask?





of stickers.

When everything was said, and done. For the price of only 99 cents I got 65 cards with stickers on them. The best part of the whole deal is that now I get to take a trip back to childhood. With so many of them being doubles I feel like they need to be decorating some of my card boxes or something. That is the point of stickers isn't it?

All the binders I put my collections in are the ones you put a page in the front, and on the side. Using them in the binders will be the first choice, and then I will work from there. It will all depend on how much I start feeling like a kid again when the decorating begins. Should be fun.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Go Daddy Bowl Artelope

More often than not I try to write my posts the night before. I mention that as I have two posts that need to be written. One will be about the card show from Saturday, and the other my trip south today (Monday).

Instead though you get a fairly short post about my latest return from the artelope project.

Lately I decided to attempt a few more bowl games. The reason for this was my recent bad luck with NFL teams. Yes I got back schedules from the teams, but my goal was business cards. So instead of making more attempts, and risk coming up empty even more. I thought, why not make a run at a few more bowl games?

To be exact I sent envelopes off to three bowl games. Monday the first of these came back with the following results.

Two very cool looking cards. Honestly when I wrote this bowl I expected the cards to look like the one on the right. A good looking design with the logo displayed predominately on the card front. What I didn't expect was them to have the sweet looking back with the bowl logo in the middle.

Very well done Go Daddy Bowl! You've got some great cards that I am proud to be adding into the Bowl game collection.

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Little Hobbies Madness

Not only did I watch some racing on Sunday afternoon. I spent my Friday, and Sunday doing some serious work on organizing the business card collection. While there is still some work to be done. What was accomplished I am very proud of.

Starting off the fun I added 90% of the new cards that were picked up during the big schedule trade session with Mike. The toughest part being the hockey related business cards. Hockey has so many teams, and leagues that come, and go constantly. Outside of hockey the baseball was the biggest bulk of what I brought home. Honestly I could go on, and on turning this into a post about what I picked up that day. Only problem with that is I already did that post, and so going off again would be a waste. After adding all the cards an idea dropped into the head.

Now would be the perfect time to update the wantlists for all the business card wants in every sport. What better time to do that than now while I'm thinking about it? So, with that in mind I started the updating, and didn't stop until I was done with all sports. My only problem was halfway into the project something hit me.

Doing the entire HTML thing while updating the site got a little old. Since starting this blog I have come to realize that some things can be done easier. One of those things is the full update on my business cards, and pocket schedules So keeping that in mind I came up with the idea of.

Instead of spending tons of time doing the HTML thing while adding. or subtracting business cards or schedules. I can do it all tons faster by going this route instead of the regular webpage route.

In the end I'm hoping that it will make the big redo of schedules easier than it was going to be. So far the business cards wants was done easier. My main concern will be on how things work when it comes to the schedules for trade. The baseball is a gigantic list that will test things to the max.

While I doubt this means a whole lot to those of you who come here for a little bit of everything. Here is my plan for the two blogs.

The Prowling Cat will continue to run as it has been run. That being the blog where I show off everything that is going on in all my hobbies. Nothing will change from the way things are right now.

Hobbies Madness will be more of a traders blog for my business cards, and pocket schedules. Its use will be to send the people I trade those items with to. Giving it a purpose though, odds are trades for business cards, and pocket schedules will run on both blogs. Odds are the artelope returns will be double posted there too. What will happen there that isn't going to be done here is the showings.

The plan will be to show off either a business card, or pocket schedule every so often. How often that is will vary from time to time. Nothing fancy, just showing off the item with some information. Odds are the information will be minimal, but if you'd like to see sports teams business cards, or pocket schedules The Prowling Cat's Hobbies Madness is your place.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Chase- race 7

Today was 500 laps at 'The Paperclip', or known by its real name Martinsville Speedway. Going into the race it is another track where you don't know what is going to happen. The reason is with the season winding down it is the last best chance for revenge. If there is anyone you have truly pissed off during the season. Once they find you it doesn't take much to bump your rear-end, and take you for a spin. If all goes well it ends your day, and payback has been achieved.

Following the disappointment of seeing Kyle eliminated from the chase due to the stupidity of Austin Dillon. I watched the race as I am a NASCAR fan, but it lacked luster to me. Normally when we see Kyle's chance to win the chase go down the drain. We deal with it, and enjoy the remainder of the season. This year was extra tough as everything was going right until last weekend. With three more races left after today's, hopefully we can move on this year, and enjoy those races.

With all that said it's time to talk race winner.

Normally I wouldn't show this card, and use it for a post.The reason is I bought it to send to a fellow blogger. The difference this time is simply because it's a cool cards, and well. Dale Earnhardt Jr. was the winner of Martinsville today.

Now I am not a fan of Junior in any way shape or form. I could even go off for awhile about why I don't care for the guy. When it comes to today's race it would have been a crime for anyone other than Junior to win. First is it was the ten year anniversary of the Hendrick's plane crash. To see a Hendrick driver just felt right due to that. Having it be the one Hendrick driver who's father died during a race is the way it is supposed to be on a day like that.

Adding to everything was Junior has long wanted to win this one race. Seeing the man so excited he didn't know what to do. He ran hugging everyone within sight, and when he ran out of people looked lost. It brought back memories of North Carolina State winning the NCAA Championship in 1982. Watching the celebration on television was a great moment. Then when he was grabbed to talk about the win. He mentioned how he had wanted one of the grandfather clocks since he was a kid growing up. Despite not caring for the guy I couldn't help, but root for him today.

When it comes to Kyle I'd have to sum it up as quiet. Kyle ran a decent race, and finished a respectable 11th place. He stayed away from trouble, and was running a quiet race in the top 15. No getting into it with anyone, and just doing his thing.

The best racing news for us this weekend was the card above. I managed to find 25 Kyle Busch cards at the card show Saturday. This will get me through most of next year with new cards as I post about races.