Sunday, May 17, 2015

From The Founder

Not long ago Kevin who was the founder of the online trading group TradingBases sent out a call for some missing Mets cards. On that list was a few cards from 2015 Opening Day that I just so happened to have. So an e-mail was sent to make sure no one had beaten me to the punch. Luckily I was the first, and was able to send Kevin the cards he was looking for. It also gave me a chance to send him a few other cards I'd been saving. I'm terrible sometimes about sending things out until getting a reminder like the original e-mail was.

After getting the e-mail Kevin went straight to work on gathering up a return. What he sent was more fun than any PWE should contain.

First we will start it off with our two friends from the American League. Wally falls under that category of either being inspired by minor league mascots or was the inspiration for them. He's one of those weird looking things that you just can't explain. I bet if I was a Red Sox fan I would know more, and could dazzle you with fun information about Wally, but I can't. As for Captain he's simple to explain, he's a horse.

Closing out the fun, and from the National League is the Braves mascot. He falls under the category of the baseball heads that just look different. To me the whole baseball headed mascot seems a little played out, but with the team name what are you going to do. Maybe at some point they can figure something out more original. Either that, or give him a better look than the one he currently has. I'm just not a fan of the way he currently is.

Thank you so much for all this fun Kevin. Adding three mascot cards into the collection is always a fun day.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

I Can Dream Can't I?

If I was to make a dream list I know one of the things that would be on that list would be living in the Phoenix area during spring training. I mean how awesome would it be to go to spring training games all the time? Get to go, and see all the MLB teams play in a laid back atmosphere. The only downside I could see is would I have enough vacation time to take the days off to see all the games I'd want to?

I see you wondering what is the entire point of all this anyways? Simply put it has to do with my latest PWE from Larry of the great blog My Topps 2008 Set Blog. Larry much like most everyone out there knows that the cat lists schedules as one of his hobbies. Not only does he collect schedules, but his two favorite teams are the Mariners, and Rockies.

This years Rockies schedule was a welcomed change in my opinion. The last couple years these schedules were very close in design. The only difference was the picture was taken from different areas of the field. Seattle has been fairly similar the last few years, but just enough of a change that you don't feel like it's the same schedule.

Larry tossed in a little bonus from the Seattle area to go with the memories of spring. To a Seattle fan this schedule is salt in the wound. Being the only professional basketball in Seattle is a sore subject to the basketball fans in Seattle. Lucky for me I'm both not a huge NBA fan, and if I was Seattle wouldn't be that team.

As for Larry living one of my dreams. I'm not sure about how far on the list living in Arizona would rate. I'm kind of fond of states close to the ocean now. Being able to drive less than two hours, and be at the ocean is a pretty cool thing. Being close to spring training still ranks pretty high though.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Artelopes- Bad Luck Returns

With the cat not sending out any new requests for almost a month. The amount of artelopes out roaming the world has gone to a mere six. All six were sent with the hopes that they would return with business cards inside. Sad to say the three that have made their return lately came back with no business cards, and various amounts of schedules.

Starting the list of three was a request that I honestly had given up on. Sent out over two months ago I gave up on this envelope, and had contacted the team via e-mail. A new request that was strictly for a business card was sent, and came back unsealed. There are so many things I'd like to say about how can you not be smart enough to lick the envelope, but I won't. What I will do is show off the three schedules sent by the team.

The Danger kept their schedules simple this year by doing them small sheet sized. While there are so many negative things you could say. I can't do it as for an arena football team the simple sheet schedule works. If the team was in the Arena Football League then I might feel different, but Nebraska plays in a small league so it works.

Second on the list went to Biloxi of the Double A Southern League. The Shuckers are a new team, and for some reason just seemed a little tough to dream up artwork for. Running low on ideas I decided to keep it simple, and run with the ever popular team logo.

I take it the Shuckers weren't impressed by my work. Only sending one lone schedule, and zero business cards.As for the schedule itself I enjoy what Biloxi did. While the main part isn't mind blowing I think whoever created the inaugural season logo did an excellent job.

El Paso is in their second season in the Pacific League. Wanting to try something a bit different I thought it would look cool to do the Texas flag with the Chihuahua over the star. Adding to things was instead of running with the colored pencils I went with the gel pens. Kind of giving it a new style by not doing ful coloring was all part of the concept.

While the team failed in the business card they did quite well with the schedules. Seven schedules were stuffed into a small envelope that was simply put bulging at the seams. How their return made it back to me without blowing open is beyond belief.

Hopefully the remaining three requests that are out lingering will turn things around. Until then I have these three haunting me.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Duff Really Has The Stuff

When coming up with the title for this post I wasn't sure if it would be lost on people or not. Odds are until I start to explain it a little more even those that do know are possibly lost. It is all a reference to the man who had to be one of my favorite wrestlers in WCW.

During those days I enjoyed the gimmick of the man who wore the tall hat, and cool looking sunglasses. He just looked like he was having a blast, and doing what he loved. Throw in the catchy name of Buff 'The Stuff' Bagwell, and he was just too cool.

While Buff had the stuff there are odds that he didn't have any of this stuff.

The one who did was the man who is always Bleedin' Brown and Gold, and runs by the new name of Duff 'The Stuff'. Sorry Bag's but there is a new sheriff in town, and he always delivers the stuff us bloggers are looking for.

Duff wasn't done with those four schedules. No, he dropped even more stuff on this cat that kept him excited.

From there 'The Stuff' got serious by hitting me with business cards from another team in his area that has been eluding me. Duff doesn't just send any business cards though. No, he sends the cards of the assistant GM, the GM, and their play-by-play broadcaster. How is that for go big or go home?

Included in Duff's fantastic mailer was what has to be my favorite letter ever. The reason is Duff mentioned that he had hoped to have some other form of swag from the team to toss in. It then goes on to talk about how some staff went to spring training, but couldn't get anything. I guess compared to recent affiliates the new affiliate is cheap. Cheap, or not I really appreciate the four business cards from the Kernels.

Once again thanks for the schedules, and business cards Duff. Got some stuff I've had around here for a bit to send your way. Just need to get my act together, and send it out. Until then just know I appreciate the mailer.