Saturday, December 20, 2014

I'm So Done!

For what has to be over a month I have been getting all three of my collections organized. The baseball cards have been done for months. The business cards got a long needed updating, and were the second project to bite the dust.

Then came the much harder, and more time consuming schedules project. This project was anchored by the ever so tough updating of the traders. Being this was a total reset due to the big schedule trade a few months ago. I dreamed up the idea of putting everything in its place before starting the project. In the end it was a wise decision that honestly made things tons easier.

Best of all is after hours, and hours of going through things. I can now say, "I am so done!" If I have a schedule to offer in trade or have a schedule that I need. It is on the list, and available for viewing. Best of all is now hopefully I can get focused again on doing some writing around here.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Lost Files- A Little Hockey

With the amount of artelopes that have disappeared in the last couple months. I'm starting to wonder if someone out there has a collection of my artwork going.

Not long ago I had given up on requests to two bowl games, and the Philadelphia Eagles. Now I'm here once again giving up on two requests. These two have left me scratching my head as these two have been real good to me in past years.

Growing up in Utah, I collect schedules from most of the teams in the area. The exceptions are Utah State, BYU, Weber State and the Utah Jazz. The Utah Utes were my favorites growing up, and so I've never been fond of the other three. As for the Jazz, I will say I'm not big on the NBA, and if I was they would be the team in the collection.

Trying to come up with an idea that represented the team, and was fairly simple. I came up with the idea of doing the bear claw that you see above.

Despite not being a fan of bees, wasps, or yellow jackets. There are teams in all the sports that use these as their team name. I seem to be attracted to collecting schedules from these teams for some strange, and unknown reason. I don't collect the ones from colleges, but when it comes to either minor league or major league teams. I seem to find myself collecting these teams more often than not.

Recently I sent out four new requests, and have more being prepared to head out. Hopefully my luck will turn around, and these will find their way home.

Monday, December 15, 2014

How My Freak Flag Flies... It's My Business

Our resident Junior Junkie is having a contest. Not just any contest, a contest that allows you to showcase your nerdiness. As part of five posts showing off his own personal nerd items over a week. Junkie ended the week with this post, and his contest 'Nerdstuff, and a Very Nerdy Giveaway.'

While T.J. wants to know what that one item is that classifies as your nerd item. For me this is a bit more difficult as that item is actually a collection.

It's a known fact by anyone that stops in here on a semi-regular basis that I collect sports team business cards. What isn't as well known is the business card collection of non-sports related businesses.

Starting to collect business cards when I was eleven by a friend. It took many more years before I was serious enough to not just be picking them up, but having a collecting focus. Over the years some of the businesses have changed, but a few have remained.

The Red Robin cards might be my favorite of the non-sports related. The fronts might seem seem fairly simple, and have you wondering what makes these card so cool then cat?

This cool looking design you get when putting them together is the reason. What doesn't hurt is that we love going to Red Robin every so often.

In what might be the most interesting thing about getting most these cards. Usually when they bring the check I ask for a card, and it comes with a visit by the manager. Explaining to them that I collect the cards, and that they form a picture is quite interesting. Three different responses have followed. First, and the most common are the guys who never looked at the back to see the puzzle piece. Second is the ones who saw the piece, but never put together that it forms a picture. The third, and my all time favorite was from the manager in Albany. He put it together when his cards came in, and went nuts going through all his cards, and any others he could find. Told me in the end it was alot of hard work, but he pulled it off.

Another of my favorites is the KOA or Kampgrounds of America collection. Acquiring most of these has been a process that resembles the sports teams. At one time I was sending out SASE's in hopes of getting cards in return. It has been a few years since sending out any requests so no new ones have been added for awhile.

Rainforest might be my smallest category, but my favorite. With only last I knew 23 locations in the franchise. Currently I have three cards, and have missed out on two others due to either forgetting to stop by when we were in Las Vegas, or the one in Downtown Disney, California not having one at the time. I should have tried again when we were just there in November, but alas I didn't

I could go on for a day or two on the businesses I gather cards from. Instead I will close with a short list of some of the favorites.

Jamba Juice
Best Western
Buffalo Wild Wings
Amusement parks, and water parks

Thanks T.J. for motivating not just myself, but others to throw out nerdiness out there. If you would like to learn more about T.J.'s contest follow the link to The Junior Junkie, and let loose.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

You Complete Me- The Crazies

Today we go to the sets type of sets we all have on our wants. Those sets that you figure will never get completed, or people look at and think what the? These are the sets that you look at, and think how could he not have a complete set of those. A few of these fit into the category of  what the heck is that set? In honor of these either tough or easy sets I'm doing my third, and last 'You Complete Me'.

1992 Pinnacle Team 2000
16- Dave Hollins
24- Bernie Williams
79- Reggie Jefferson

This is one of those sets that I started due to my love of prospects. All the players in this subset were expected to be stars by the year 2000. Even though all the players were in the MLB it still felt like a set I wanted for the prospects.

2014 has been a great year in adding to this set, and getting close to completion. Hopefully throwing this set out there in this post it will join the list of completed subsets.

1993 Milk Bone Superstars
1- Paul Molitor
2- Tom Glavine
4- Mark McGwire
14- Ben McDonald
18- Joe Girardi
19- Brady Anderson
20- Craig Biggio

When this set came out I actually owned a dog, and bought these treats for her. The fact that there was a card contained within the box was an added bonus. In something that will seem crazy, I'm actually more of a dog lover than cat lover. While I love the big cats like tigers, panthers, and mountain lions, give me a dog any day over a simple house cat. The dogs are the real reason I love these cards, and have been committed to completing this set one day.

On one of those crazy side notes about this set. During my time away from cards I came across a box of a few hundred of these at Goodwill, and passed on it. That box will now forever haunt me until the day this set is completed. Despite adding six cards this year from a trade I'm still looking for those final seven cards.

2000 Twizzlers

These cards came in packages of Twizzlers licorice in 2000. This was during the time frame that my baseball cards laid dormant, and explains why I only have two cards from the set. With how much I like Twizzlers it is kind of surprising that I didn't somehow buy more, and end up with atleast half a set.

2002 Twizzlers 

This set was a little more exciting than the first set in 2000. Twizzlers went from a set of baseball players to stars from various sports. The set covered baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and NASCAR superstars in ten cards. As with the 2000 set I can't tell you why I don't have more than the two that I currently have. Hopefully that will change one day as I'd love to complete both sets eventually.

Thank you for checking out not just the four sets from today, but the previous sets that I put out there in hopes of completing. These are just a few of the sets, and subsets that I'm trying to finish.

Even if you couldn't help with any of these there are a ton more that I'd love to take any help you can offer with. Who knows, maybe this will lead to a new trade partner for both of us with future cards.