Sunday, April 20, 2014

It's Going To Be Lexington, Wait For It... Legends!!

Thought up this idea for this post during the week when this artelope return came in. With what was my daughter, and mine favorite show ending. One last tribute seems like the thing to do. First as usual is the envelope that was sent.

If it looks fairly familiar it is because the thing looks really similar to last years request.

What can I say? The day this artelope was done I had done five others, and started to run out of ideas. Throw in that sometimes my limited art ability shows through which limits what I can draw on these. The good news is as usual the Legends took really good care of me.

While the request included the usual for business cards as I just like to do things this way. You never know when a team has changed their design. The main reason for this request though was for the pocket schedule. Lexington delivered with what is a decent looking schedule. You don't always have to go all crazy to put out a decent schedule. Sometimes something as simple as a ball, jersey, or in this case a hat gets the job done.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Artelopes Keep On Coming

Here I am with the last two returns I have gotten from the artelopes. After these two I have only two more remaining in the wild waiting to come home. Sounds like I need to create more as schedules are starting to pop up everywhere it seems.

Charlotte got a brand new logo with season which is the reason for this request. I like the new look, and was really excited about adding a business card of this new look. Throw in that the team has been really good to me in the past, and this was going to be a grand slam. Problem was I didn't know that the team has a new stadium to go along with the logo.This means the team still hasn't gotten any business cards.

Not a huge loss as I will make another attempt later, and hopefully cross Charlotte off the updated cards need list.

As you can tell the Bees looks wording seems a little strange. The idea was to try, and make the lettering look kind of like a honeycomb. With my limited art ability it didn't turn out like I wanted, but didn't turn out that bad either.

Salt Lake is another of those teams that is so good to me. Each year they send a few business cards, and a good amount of schedules. This year was no different as you can see below.

For some reason I can't explain, I like the whole Bees name, colors, and logos. There was a possibility of going down to Salt Lake this summer as part of our vacation. While there we planned on catching a game or two for the Bees. For reasons not related to last Saturday the Salt Lake thing died. Would have been a cool thing to do, but I can't say we are heartbroken around here.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Keeping The Cat Alive Through Artelopes

Before all this stuff went down I had some artelopes that were next in line for some sharing. Being still not too into writing about much I thought why not share these goodies.

Looking for a business card to update the collection here is what the Bison sent.

Six schedules, but sadly no business card.

The Travelers got a brand new logo for this upcoming season. The envelope was a form of that new logo.

Now this is more like it! The top ticket looking thing is the Travelers new business card. Glad to be able to cross the Travelers off the needs for business cards. Now if once more teams schedules come out the remaining teams treat me like the Travelers did.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Its Not All Bad

After the events of Saturday we have been in a form of total chaos. While far from being anywhere near what things were before Saturday. We have had so many questions that need to be answered, and got some answers today. Being we can't get too much into all that, and personally I'd rather talk baseball cards, business cards, and pocket schedules. So lets do that shall we?

Not long ago I got a return PWE from a fellow blogger that I sent a package of Braves to. While I probably could look up the e-mails we exchanged, I'm not going to lie. I just want to thank the sender for the cards, and show off what he sent.

 John sent a few Mariners with the coolest being this double play card of Greg Briley.

Its not very often that you see a player listed as an outfielder turning a double play on his card.

Rounding out the PWE was two more Mariners.

John, sorry I couldn't give you a better thank you for the cards.

On the good news side of things. Everything I had to do today was phone-call related so I got the dining-room completed finally. Its a couple days later than I had hoped, but rather than think negative. I'm thrilled to cross this off the list of things to do around the house.