Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Doing The Garage Sale Errr Swap Meet Thing

On Saturday we had the three times a year world's largest garage sale thing for the summer happening. Being I missed the April one due to the wife's wreck a part of me wanted to hit this show. There was one problem that was preventing this from happening. My company picnic was on the same day, and the wife seemed pretty interested in going. Then Friday came around, and she had second thoughts about going. This gave me the opening I needed to mention the garage sale event.

While talking about it she could tell I really wanted to go, and hit me with a surprising twist. I wasn't going solo on this trip as she wanted to come along. Having a companion for the journey sounded cool as she is also so accepting of doing Goodwill stops on the way home too.

Getting up early we made our way to the show right as the gates opened. Still needing to park we found our spot, and headed in for the bargain hunting. Starting things off it didn't take me long to find a treasure to take home.

According to the back of the card this is number two in the series. How many of these there are I couldn't tell you. What I do know is while in Seattle watching the Mariners one of the guys told me about how much he missed these.

This was my first chance to break in my negotiating skills. The original price was five dollars, but I brought it home for a mere three dollars.

From there it took awhile before I came across another goodie that wanted to come home.

This I got for two dollars, and goes with my growing collection of these cars. It is one of the Cartoon Network cars that were raced long ago. I'm trying to get one of each car as I just think they look cool. The tricky part is I already have this car yet I don't. Not only is this a cheaper version of the one I already have. The better version has Velma on the side while this version has the mummy. If I can find room for this car it will have a home. If not it will disappear either now or later to make room for either another car from the series or something totally different.

Unfortunately this was the best I could do at this show. The wife didn't do too bad as she came away with two new pans including a sweet sauce pan that was in the box unopened. I did see two other items one a small Rockies banner, and the other a pack of 2003 Mariners cards from a giveaway. Neither person seemed interested in selling their stuff as they couldn't be bothered to get out of their chair and acknowledge my existence.

After leaving the show we went out to eat, and then started to make our way homeward.

On our last stop I snagged this mini catcher's mask. Sometime last year I got the Rockies mask so now having the Mariners means my collection is complete.

Not doing as good as I had hoped in finding things. I was still pretty pleased with what I did find. Something I found interesting at this show was the amount of overpriced junk wax cards. Last year I hit all three shows, and saw maybe two binders of cards in all three shows combined. This show had lots of cards everywhere, but nothing that really interested me. I did give a quick look at a football binder that if I collected football would have been well worth the time. Looking back it is something I should have possibly thrown an offer on, and found some people to send the cards to. The first page had what looked to be some late seventies or early eighties stuff. It's amazing how we will think about these type of things later, and when it's too late to change things. Just something to think about if this opportunity presents itself in the future.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tony Gets A Late Thank You

Tony who runs the great blog Off Hiatus responded to a plea for help with my 2013 series 1 Topps set. He didn't just stop there though as Tony noticed quite a decent sized wantlist for the series 2 set as well. Seeing he could drop the two of those with one big fell swoop he contacted the cat to let him know the remaining cards for both sets were on their way. That is where things get ugly.

If you have been following this blog for awhile you know that I am so hit or miss when it comes to writing thank you's for cards that have been sent to me.

There are times I will step up to the plate with that look in my eyes that just says I am taking this thing deep.

Any time that I get that look a certain thrill comes across me. I know that I'm about to nail it, and show the sender how much I appreciate the cards. Sadly though there are those times that happen more often than I'd like them to.

The times when I stand in, and swing for the fences only to swing, and disrupt the air. Looking at the mound things still don't look very good.

So I think to myself in this situation there is only one thing I can do. That is what I did, and is why this post is long overdue.

I ran from doing this entire post. Hoping that the further I ran from this the easier it would get to write when the time came. Going on vacation I had dreams that maybe just maybe this thing would finally put itself together. Upon our return I wrote about our trip, but still hadn't gotten any ideas. It was driving me so crazy I just had to scream.

What am I going to do? I have to let the world know about how great of a guy Tony is for sending me all these cards. Maybe I can show a picture of the celebration going on when I got his mailer.

The problem with that is will it show just how thrilled I was or be to much? Hopefully it wasn't too much, and everyone including Tony knows how much I appreciate his help in completing these two sets.

Sorry that it has taken me so long to say thank you, Tony.You can't begin to imagine how thrilling it was to get such a great batch of cards, and complete two sets at once. I don't know how I can ever thank you enough, but I'm going to give it a try. It might take a few months but cards will be coming.

(This was just a small group of cards from the mailer Tony sent. I believe there were close to seventy cards when it was all done.)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Returning Home From Seattle

Being our entire schedule of our weekend in Seattle had changed. The Sunday plan had went from taking in a ballgame to waking up, and heading home whenever we felt the need.

Leaving around ten we made our way down to Portland where we stopped in at Hooters for some fried pickles. Before arriving at Hooters the wife had mentioned we could take a detour afterwards, and head to the card shop I should have went to at the last card show. Thinking this would be my last chance to get some six pocket pages for who knows how long I was all for this little stop.

Making our way to the shop I headed in, and got straight to the business of getting the pages. The good news is he had the pages, but the bad news is he only had ten. Hopefully once I spend the time to sit down, and put the Rockies police cards in them. There will be enough remaining sheets to put the schedules I've been needing to put away for quite some time.

As the owner started pulling the sheets I noticed a couple stacks of cards, and decided to start looking through them. As I got into the group it became obvious quickly that they were all auto, and patch cards. This is when I hit gold. Sitting almost at the bottom of the stack was this little beauty right here.

This is one of those cards I've been looking at on ebay for a few months now. For some reason there has been this voice in my head that said wait. One day you will see that card, and buy it then. I guess Sunday was that day.

Adding to my joy was after paying for my sheets, and Rosario card. I looked to my right to see a box of cards that were separated by teams. Actually it was a stack of boxes, but the top box happened to contain none other than the Rockies as one of the teams inside. Intrigued, and feeling lucky after my autograph find in the stack. I couldn't help, but look through the Rockies before leaving the store. That is when I hit gold once more.

Surprisingly this is another card I have looked at numerous times on ebay. Now thanks to my wanting to look more it is now part of my Rosario collection.

After finding, and paying for the card we both had a nice conversation about the Mariners, and their needing to make a move before the trade deadline. I needed to take off, and it seemed like someone was trying to sneak in the open back door. That was my clue to leave, and finish the ride homeward.

Overall this trip was nothing but pure joy. Two incredible games, and two awesome card shop stops. Kind of makes me wish I could do it all again this weekend. At the same time not getting to is what makes trips like this so special.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mariners Trip Saturday The 12th (game)

After the great time I had at the card shop we still had a baseball game that evening. Deciding that we needed to go early so we could both try to upgrade our seats, and get the giveaway for the night. We left the hotel just after two so we would arrive close to three. Once there we made our way around the stadium to the main ticket windows. Luckily we were able to upgrade into the section we had wanted to be in. The downside was we had to be in the row, and not on the aisle as we had hoped.

Getting the new tickets we wanted to go across the street, and do a late lunch at Pyramid Brewery. This is a stop we have done a few times when we thought it would be best to arrive extra early. Once finished we headed back across the street as the lines were building fast. This led to some good news though as because of the insanity going on they opened the gates half an hour earlier than usual. What this did is allowed us to take a picture with the wife for her to put on facebook.

From there I was off to my tour of the stadium once again. This one was much faster than the night before, but included something I've always meant to do but never have until then.

Finally getting back to my seat I hung with the wife for a few until it was game time. The wait was brutal as we were excited about getting to see Iwakuma pitch. In the years we have been going to Mariners games we have never gotten to see a player play on a giveaway for them. We have done bobbleheads, and t-shirts for players but every time they don't play in that game. This ended up being a first for us that we both were excited about.

Just before the game they announced that Fernando Rodney was going to the all-star game as a substitute. It was a cool moment as he came out of the dugout, and did the archer thing he does after getting a save. The crowd went nuts, and gave him a standing ovation during the announcement. Unfortunately I was like everyone else, and enjoying the moment too much to take any pictures. Afterwards it was time for Iwakuma to do his thing.

Before the game we were talking, and wondering how Iwakuma would do after watching Felix's masterpiece the night before. He answered our question by doing better, and going 8 2/3 inning before giving up a two run homer. After the runs Iwakuma was pulled to a standing ovation that was pure insanity.

During the game two things stuck out to me. The first is it was cool to see Cespedes play as he wasn't in the line-up on Friday against Felix.

The other was we got to experience instant replay.

It was on a play at home that personally even with a slow replay I wouldn't have wanted to make. In the end they upheld the play, and called the runner out. While the fans all booed we both agreed that we probably would have made the same call as the umpire made.

As with Friday the Mariners won the game only 6-2 this time.