Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Backstop & The Cat Trade Announcement

Close your eyes, and.... Wait you might want to keep your eyes open. Closed eyes makes it kind of hard to read so we'll have to go another route.

With your eyes open imagine if you will a professionally set up room. Chairs lines up full of the press, and camera's in the back. In the front of the room sits an oak podium with tables on both sides. Noise fills the room as the press all sit talking to each other about who they think will make the NCAA tournament, and why they ended up doing this press conference. The noise breaks as a woman steps up to the podium.

WOMAN:: I would like to thank you all for coming out today... We are here to announce a trade between 'The Prowling Cat', and 'all the way to the backstop'. As both parties would like to give you time to ask questions. We will get right to the trade, and a comment from both parties... Being sent, and now currently with 'The Prowling Cat' is the following card.

WOMAN:: In return 'The Prowling Cat' has sent to 'all the way to the backstop' a group of Padres that are either en-route or have already arrived. Right now we don't know their status so we won't get into that at this time. Now we will allow both bloggers to comment about the trade starting with the cat.

--Slowly I get to my feet, and walk over to thew podium.--

ME:: Before we get into my thoughts about this trade. I would like to lighten the mood in this room with a joke... How many Padres fans does...

--Before the joke is finished a well dressed man steps up, and stops me mid-sentence. Almost ninja like he puts his hand over the microphone, and whispers into my ear.--

ME:: It seems according to my agent his research shows that Padres fans might be the second most represented fan-base in blogging. Who knows if this is true or not, but Padres blogs seem to be everywhere. Kind of like co...

--Quickly the guy jumps out of his chair again, and puts his hand over the microphone. Once again he whispers something in my ear before directing me to my seat.--

AGENT:: What my client is trying to say is we are honored that 'all the way to the backstop' made this trade. He has a deep appreciation for the Padres, and watches Eugene Emeralds games each season. Watching those games means he has seen some of the great Padres players, and some of their future stars. He will continue this in the upcoming season by catching more games. Hopefully the roster will contain another future Padres player. Besides all this he has made other trades with Padres bloggers, and hopes to do many more of those in the future. 'all the way to the backstop' will be one of those bloggers he seeks out Padres cards for. Now at this time we are ending this press conference, thank you...

-- Slowly he motions to me as I get up, and we leave the room.--

((Thank you for the Emerald Trout card Marcus. Hopefully you got your cards from my half of the trade by now. If not they were sent Monday, and should be there any day.))

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