Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Teeny Victory

Not feeling the best on Friday things got much better after arriving at home. Doing my usual ritual of getting the dog, and heading to check the mail.That is when excitement, and confusion set in. A manilla envelope with a strange feeling that didn't feel like baseball cards caught my attention. Wondering who sent this goodie bag as the sender was Party Animal Inc. My first thought was maybe a fellow collector worked for this company, and didn't want to use their address they went with one from the company. Still puzzled I had to wait until after dinner before this mystery would be solved. Finishing dinner it was killing me to see what was inside. I just had to know, and dug in to reveal.

(image taken from Sports Card Info blog)

My prize!!! For those that didn't know the awesome blog Sports Card Info held a contest for three packs of TeenyMates. A contest that yours truly was luck enough to win. To win these beauties all I had to do was leave a comment every day from Sunday through Friday. Contests like this are held quite often at the blog with some sweet prizes popping up constantly. Besides all the great prizes the blog shows some just as great looking cards on a daily basis

Ironically the day before being announced the prize winner I had bought two packs of these. After seeing them on another blog or two I had to see them in person, and much like the others think they are awesome. Not willing to wait a second longer I ripped into the first pack.

Now that is a great start! Hitting one of my two favorite teams in the very first pack. If I could have hit a Rockies Teeny to go along with Seattle I might have cried. I highly doubt it, but it sounded cool.

My second package had a National League feel to it. Maybe it's just me or maybe it was getting a Cubs followed by Brewers figure in the package.

 Rounding out the goodness that was inside the three packages were Cleveland, and Texas.

Overall this was a sweet package of TeenyMates. As you can see above its a pretty cool looking collection if you ask me. Adding them in with the four I got on my visit to Target the collection stands at 10. The best news is so far I have zero doubles, and only two puzzle pictures in the lower don't connect to the other eight. Currently I am undecided if I will attempt to build the puzzle, and how far I will go with collecting all 30 teams, and the four rare figures.

These things are right up my alley in that they are a kind of general baseball item that I can display easily in the hobby room. So odds are I will pick these up every so often as long as I can buy a pack or two at the Target. If or when I find the Colorado Rockies player all bets are off. No matter what the future plans are for collecting these. I want to once again send out a huge thank you to Sports Card Info, and Party Animal Inc. for the prize.

So is anyone else out there collecting these? Would like to hear what the plan is for you if you are.


  1. I just want to find a Yankee player and that will be it. Not sure if I will pick up a package or just get one off eBay.

  2. These are cool. Would love to pick up the A's and Padres figures for my collection, but probably won't bust any packs. If anything, I'll buy them on eBay.