Thursday, March 27, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

While all the kids around here, and in other parts of the country enjoy Spring Break. The cat house has been buzzing with tons of activity. All this has until now put a stop on not just the writing of blog posts, but reading blogs. Missing out on some great work that maybe one day I'll be able to go back, and read. Until then the craziness continues through this weekend. What have I been doing all week?

Last Sunday while preparing to watch the NASCAR race on television. I started the project of scrapping the popcorn ceiling off in the dining room. As the race got started I was in such a grove that I kept going, and going. When finished I had the entire dining room scrapped clean, and ready for the new ceiling texture. Excited about my accomplishment, and with the wife's push. I wanted to get the dining room fully completed by this upcoming Sunday. Her push was not wanting to put the dining room table back until the room was competed. I bought in, and have been doing other smaller stuff to keep my momentum going. Today things really started to hit their peak as I took half a day off work, and came home to texture paint the ceiling. Once done I did a few other errands around the house that have been getting neglected.

Now the plan stands at waiting for the paint to dry, and then complete the room on Saturday. From there its moving into the living room which will be quite a project. First everything has to be taken out so I can start the entire process of scrapping, and painting all over again. Being able to look at my completed work in the dining room will hopefully keep me going strong. Odds are it won't effect the blogging like this week has. That is unless I go nuts once again, and decide to finish it in one week.

As you noticed the cards in this were Padres. My reasoning is we are painting everything two different shades of brown. Not Padres colors, but different shades of brown. So how could I not use Padres cards as my pictures?

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