Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gone Trout Fishing

Closing out my purchases at the card show last Saturday was some basic Mike Trout cards. Normally I would have showed these with the other card, but this post is about more than just the cards from the show.

Before I get ahead of myself lets start with some cards. 

I was pretty excited to find these in the quarter each or five for a dollar box. I believe the two on the left are doubles that will end up being traded at some point. The top right 2014 Topps will find its way into my 2014 Topps set as I have one for the Trout collection already. The bottom right will go right into the collection of Trout's.

These two are the ones I am most proud of. The Gypsy Queen was a dollar, and the Chrome ran fifty cents. I was pretty thrilled to add a card with the picture of the catch so I had to get it.

After my time at the show there were a couple other stops I was dying to make. The biggie being a Toys-R-Us not far down the road. For a month or two I have been looking for the MacFarlane Mike Trout figure. Going into the store in Salem twice, and the one in Eugene once I was still minus the Trout. With the next series of these coming out soon, and no Trout in the series it was becoming more important that I found one soon. Heading in, but not sure of my chances I did the run around the figures section. Then... JACKPOT!!

This was just one of two figures left in the store. Who cares how many were there, just that the one I wanted was there. While the picture shows the figure still in its original form from the store. Once I get all the things done in the house, and into my new hobby room. Trout will be freed from his plastic cell, and find a spot on a shelf. Until then I'm thrilled to have finally got this bad boy.

My last stop wasn't very thrilling, but I didn't care as the day was everything I could want. Hopefully my next card show day goes this well.

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