Saturday, March 1, 2014


On Wednesday afternoon I got one of those how type packages. You know the one... The package that contains one or more cards that leaves you shaking your head. All wondering how did I not already have this card? With me this wasn't just one card, but two cards.

This PWE came courtesy of Tom who is a member of the online group TradingBases. Tom was one of the people who I dropped cards on with what I called the big mailing last month. In return Tom dropped three Nolan Ryan cards on me.

The card above is not one of the cards I'm referring to. When this card came out Mike Scott was going to be a legend one day. So much so that when this card came out I was in the early stages of considering a Mike Scott collection. Luckily I never started that collection so this card is only one of a few I have with him on it. My others are all put away in with the doubles or cards for trading. Whatever it is you want to refer to that pile of cards as.

Included with that card was two cards that left me shaking my head wondering, how?

When CollectaBooks came out I was deep into the world of card collecting. I say collecting, but lets be honest here. I was one of the million other people who bought cards, and were going to get rich off them. Nolan Ryan was a doubly whammy as he was my favorite player, and still is. Being a sure in Hall-Of-Famer this meant when I decided to sell his cards they would be worth tons more than what I had paid for them. Like the other million people who had that dream, I'm still working.

Being I picked up every Nolan Ryan card possible. It's amazing that until Tom sent it this week I didn't have one in the collection. Now that won't be a problem any longer.

If you have followed or just stopped in and read this blog for any amount of time. There is one thing that by now has become pretty obvious. If it is anything that I enjoy in baseball cards it is the oddball stuff. Back when I originally collected the oddball stuff was by far my favorite. The thinking was that the more tough to come by the more valuable it would be when I resold for all my riches. Due to this thought process if a magazine had a picture, or card of Ryan inside I bought it. How a 1989 Nolan Ryan card from Baseball Card Magazine slipped through the cracks is beyond me. Thanks to Tom I won't have to ask that question ever again.

Over time I have just come to appreciate the more oddball items for what they are. That has been one of my favorite things about blogging since starting. When another blogger shows either a police set, bread card, or anything else promotional in their personal collection. I can't help myself from dropping in, and learning about this oddball card. Nothing is better in my opinion than seeing one of these hidden regionalized gems. Be that a card from 1980, 1990, or from 2014. The oddball stuff will always be king in my mind. So if you ever post a regional card you'll have the cat stopping by atleast.

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