Wednesday, March 5, 2014

College Bowl Pick-em Winnings (part 1)

During college bowl season Kerry from the fantastic blog Cards on Cards hold what has become an annual contest. Being the college football fans that we are around the cat house I have done the contest two years now. This years contest if you didn't participate was awesome if you ask me. Not only because I won due to Florida State's victory. The contest would have been awesome with Auburn winning the game. This years contest was awesome because everything came down to the last game. How often have you ever participated in any contest that the final game decides everything? I'm talking over thirty bowl games, and the final game determined where the top six or seven guys would be finishing.

Take myself for example. If Auburn wins the game I finish in fifth place which would have been totally cool with me. Florida State winning put me in first place, and I believe mixed up a few other spots in the final standings for 'Bowl Pick Em'. All this meant is that in a normal year I wouldn't have really cared who won the bowl. This year I was a Florida State fan. While all this reminiscing is fun how about we get to the point.

As the winner of the 'Bowl Pick Em', Kerry sent what I think is called a blaster box of 2014 Topps. Forgive me if I am wrong on what to call the box as its my first since returning to collecting. What I do know is it contains 10 packs, and a commemorative patch card. In honor of this prize I will be opening three packs a day, and listing the cards here for everyone to see. All cards will be listed in the order they are in the pack. Adding to the fun I am opening a pack, and then putting everything here. Meaning I still haven't seen the patch card yet, and won't until Friday night when I write the final post.


#43- Mark Trumbo - Not a bad looking card to be my first from the box.
#293- Mike Zunino - Excited to get one for the set as the first went directly into a possible player collection.
#22- Mike Napoli World Series
#79- Bronson Arroyo- Ruby parallel
#183- Darwin Barney- Target red parallel
#302- Carlos Gomez - Target red parallel
#322- Emilio Bonifacio
#319- Ryan Goins


#317- Lonnie Chisenhall- sweet throwback jersey
#50 Buster Posey  
 #231- J.R. Murphy- sweet play at the plate card
#FN-24- Manny Machado (the future is now)
#301- Shane Victorino- Target red parallel
#212- Jason Heyward- Target red parallel 
#110- Wil Myers-  
#262- Jeff Keppinger


#210- Jose Altuve- sweet double play card
#13- Juan Nicasio- glad to see Juan making it into series 1 for the first time.
Super Veteran- Carlos Beltran
#57- Yadier Molina- Target red parallel   
#123 James Paxton- Target red parallel 
#83- Jonathan Schoop- another sweet double play card
#80- Jack Hannahan- can't believe he is still around
#140- Jonathan Broxton

Not a bad start to the box as there are a few of the guys in my player collections. I already put the player collection guys in binders so they are great pick ups for the set. Hopefully the remaining packs in the box keep delivering like the first three.

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  1. Yadi Target parallel? That would've never happened if I had opened the pack myself!