Saturday, March 22, 2014

Beaverton Card Show Haul

After being out of commission for the last couple days the cat has returned. Doing parent teacher conferences on Thursday, and a birthday dinner for the wife's father on Friday. Throw in a little writers block to the mix for good measure, and you have the making for a few days off blogging. That was until today, and the Beaverton card show.

Wanting to hit this show for some new stuff into the collection. I planned on trying to stay focused this time, and not fall victim to the loss of focus I suffered at Mall 205. While it might look like I went down the exact same path by buying some stuff I wasn't collecting. Most of these are going to be starters for new sets that will be hitting the wantlist in the very near future. Starting off the new stuff was this card I picked up for a quarter.

My big dilemma is I know barely anything about this card. Some research on my part came up with these being from either 2004 or 2005, and is a subset called sportscasters. Playing around for a little while came up with no checklist on these for me to use as a starting point. Personally I just like the card as it has the look of those large cards you could get in the mail that told you about everything under the sun. Any information about these, and where to find a checklist would be greatly appreciated.

When I originally picked up these cards all I knew is they were from Authentix. Lucky for me they are from the two sets I am currently building. After adding these two into the collection the wantlist for these are being added since until today I didn't even know about them.

All collectors have that type of card they love to collect. Some do double plays, while others do plays at the plate, and any other interesting thing that goes with baseball. For me it has been cards with pictures of baseball stadiums on them. The Ballpark Heroes subset is the next group of cards that fit that mold, and caught my eye. Best of all is I managed to snag four of the nine cards in the subset.

Besides the new sets some cards from the player collections made it into the fun. Three new Mark Teixeira cards was a nice start of additions into the binder.

Even better was the addition of eight Nolan Ryan cards. Slowly cards from the time frame I had stopped collecting keep finding their way into my Ryan binder. If these would have been the only cards I picked up this show would have been a success in my eyes.

Amazing as it might sound the Ryan cards weren't even the big treasure from the show. Two cards that have been very tough finds, and a long time coming made it home with me. I'd share them now, but what motivation would you have to return? So keeping that in mind those two cards will be my next post.


  1. The Gagne is from the 2005 Leaf Sportscaster set. It's a 50 card set with 20 different variations (colors, etc.). Each of the 20 variations are serial numbered anywhere between 25 copies to 65 copies. Go to Beckett for a checklist.

    1. Fuji, thank you for the information. Will have to go give the Beckett thing a look.

    2. That's probably the biggest reason I have Beckett bookmarked in my browser.

  2. To piggy back off of Fuji, the set was one of several that Playoff issued in 2004 and 2005 that have several variations. The set used the same picture on the front of all the variations. The variations are most easily distinguishable by four things: the serial numbering, the top border color, the large image in the border (running, in that card's case), and the top small image in the border (hat). If you take all four things into consideration, there are 140 variations (20 red variations)!

    I'm (not terribly focused but) trying to put together a type set for this and the other Playoff products with several variations. With so many variations, though, there are a lot of these cards out there and really, only player and team collectors are bothering to collect them. Not sure if anyone's trying to get all 140 variations of a single player.

    Using Beckett's online search, I can see your card is numbered to 35.

    1. That is some pretty good research. Originally I was going to put that it was #14 of 35, but lost my train of thought. Odds are I will be exactly like you when it comes to these. Just pick them up if I come across them, but not even bother making a list. Thank you for the infomation