Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bobblepalooza Continues - Card Show Style

Any of you who visit this little blog knows I have a fascination with bobbleheads. Most of what I have are from the Seattle Mariners as they are the closest MLB team. Though starting the collection not very long ago I am building quite a group of bobbleheads. Lately the amount grew by five more as two weeks ago I was able to gather five more for the collection. If you are interested the recaps can be found here 'Garage Sale Bobblepalooza- part 1', and 'Garage Sale Bobblepalooza- part 2'. Less than a week later a Bigfoot bobblefoot found its way into the collection courtesy of a Eugene Emeralds giveaway.

 All this leads me to this past weekend. With the wife on full work time. Meaning its the time of year she is working seven days a week. I had the opportunity to once again go up to Beaverton for the card show. This was my third card show since getting back into the wonderful hobby of baseball cards. Having a better idea of the fact the show officially started at ten, but opened 15 minutes or so earlier. I made plans to leave at a later time than I did in May. During that second trip I left early, and arrived just before nine to find out I had an hour to kill. Not wanting to make the same mistake twice sleeping in for another hour was on the schedule.

 Leaving the house, and making the drive north I was making incredible time. Doing so well that as I crept closer to my destination I noticed there was enough time for a quick stop at a Goodwill just off the highway. Not wasting a second as there was only maybe ten minutes of time to spare on the agenda. I headed straight for the nick-nac aisle for bobblehead goodness. Rounding the corner I looked to the top shelf where I found this sight looking right at me.

That's right, three Portland Beaver related bobbleheads. The first is a player who I know absolutely nothing about in Kory De Haan. Second on the list is that cool old school looking 2001 bobblehead. Personally I think it has to be one of the coolest bobblers in the collection now with that old look. My daughter saw it, and says it scares her, but personally I like it. Last, but not least is the crowning jewel of the three. Satchel Paige! How can you not love a bobblehead dedicated to such a great player. Odds are Paige will forever be the greatest player in my bobblehead collection. It will take quite legend to knock him off the number one spot.

Pumped beyond belief about such an awesome find. I was back on the road for the reason I made this day trip, the card show. Making the quick stop set me up as I arrived right on time to enter the show. Going straight in I stopped at the very first table, and picked up 20 cards for the player collections. From there I hit what was by far my best stop in the three shows I've been to. Box after box of dime card goodness with hits to two sets I've been working on.

The top cards are the 'Chasing The Dream' cards from this years Topps flagship. The pile below was the biggest, and most important part of the purchase. These are 2009 PROjections, and have been nearly impossible to find. Every single card was from the numbers 1-99, and leaves me only missing six cards in that range. Adding to the sweetness factor is some pretty good prospects are in that pile. Not only did I get such a huge batch, but I think there were less than 15 cards left when I was done.

After hitting all those cards I was forced to make a quick run out to the car for another case to hold more cards. Sadly I went to the remaining part of the show, and came up dry. I'm not complaining as this was well worth it. The bummer thing is this was the smallest of the three shows at this location. With it being summer its not really that surprising. Hopefully I'll be able to hit more in the future, and they pick up as the temperature cools down. Until then I will just bask in the glory of all these wantlist hits.

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  1. You found a Paige bobble @ Goodwill? Change of plans... my new Saturday itinerary = hitting up my local Goodwills. Congratulations.