Monday, August 5, 2013

Backgrounds Really Do Matter

If you are a constant visitor to this blog you will notice that yesterday a new background popped up. Today you will see that another one has popped up, and yesterdays disappeared. I can see you thinking to yourself what does it even matter, and why blog about it? All of this is due to this man.

If you paid attention to the background which is something I do for all blogs I visit. It's just one of those things I enjoy looking at when I go to a blog. While to some it might be an insignificant thing not worth paying attention to. The background to me says a little about the blogger running said site. To me it is more important than that big logo across the top saying what the blogs name is.

Not all backgrounds have to be some big ordeal as simple can sometimes be a big statement. Take the background used by Nick over at Dime Boxes. While it seems simple in concept with the baseball cards in boxes. The background ties the entire theme of his site together. Night Owl has the exact same theming going with the simple stars background. Other sites I visit quite often might have a pictures representing their favorite baseball team. Another example of keeping it simple, but saying a ton. You see that site, and you automatically know what some of their collecting interests are, and what team they will write about more than any other.

Keeping all this in mind is why I had to go with the new background. If you saw the old one the most noticeable card was for one of the players suspended today. That being a Mariners prospect in Jesus Montero. Being backgrounds are so important to me I could not let that represent my blog. That meant a change to the background, and something a little more representing of this blog. While the blue just doesn't say cat. The baseballs, cards, and if you scroll down far enough the bobblehead are what this blog represents. Temporarily it will work until I can find something around the house to use as the contrasting color for everything. Until then enjoy the slight change, and remember backgrounds really do matter.

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  1. This post just made me realize that I don't even have a background on my blog. There isn't even a photo in my header... which is weird, because I used to have one. I'm off to start playing with different backgrounds. Thanks for helping me see the light.