Friday, August 30, 2013

This Baseball Hero Has Some Serious K's

Since starting this blog, and reading the great stuff put out there by other bloggers. I have been turning a new leaf. Part of this new leaf has been being a little more active in the online trading group I'm a member of. While it's not perfect as I do more trading with fellow bloggers or readers of this very blog. I do check over the other members wantlists every so often in hopes that maybe they've added something I have. One of those I recently checked was for  a man named Mark. Going through Mark's lists I came up with a few cards he needed, and hit him with the good old surprise mailer of goodies.

Feeling good about helping Mark out with his wants I went on looking for more lists in hopes of hitting something. Coming up with only one other person I still feel pretty good about dropping these lists by a few cards. Thursday Mark went about showing his appreciation for hitting those cards by going with a player close to my heart.

Nothing gets me excited like a couple Nolan Ryan cards.While sometimes my favorite current players will change. The one constant player has always been and, always will be Nolan Ryan. Growing up I idolized the guy like no other, and will always remain a fan until the day I die.

While one Nolan card was cool. Two is even better. The only thing better would be a third.

I guess Mark had the same thought in mind. How great is it that not only did he send three cards of my baseball hero, but they are from the Baseball Heroes subset for Ryan? Thanks for the return fire Mark it's greatly appreciated.

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