Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Doubling Up

Since coming back into collecting baseball cards less than a year ago. I keep falling into a trap with no idea on how to escape.

What could this trap be you ask? I seem to keep buying cards for my new player collections that I already have. If my collections for these players were as big as my collection for Nolan Ryan we wouldn't have a problem.

Sadly though these player collections aren't near the same size. These collections are at less than 18 cards in size. You would think with such small player collections this wouldn't be a problem, but it is.

The more I look at these cards maybe I'm addicted to chrome, and Ginter cards. There does seem to be a trend on my bad choices. You would think in this age where we have smartphones I wouldn't fall victim to this trap. So how do you keep yourself from purchasing the same cards over, and over again. Would love to hear about it as I'd rather add new cards instead of the same old same old.

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  1. I have purchased the same card on several occasions. There is no way to avoid it unless you always carry your lists and check them every time. I use Google Docs spreadsheets for my collection and I have the Google Drive app on my iPhone to check it. How you store that information is up to you.

    Before I had a phone that could access Google Docs, I carried printed lists for whatever I was really looking for or would most likely run into (i.e. new releases, player collections, etc). I couldn't carry everything, so sometimes I spent an extra dime or quarter on a card I didn't need.