Thursday, August 15, 2013

Scheduling Time For Junior

If there ever was any question on who the franchise was for the Mariners during Griffey Jr.'s time in Seattle. All a person would need to do is look at the schedules put out during Junior's playing time in Seattle. During those years Griffey Jr. was on the Mariners schedule for ten years. The only person with a run comparable would be Ichiro. Felix might pass these two stars in the future, but when it comes to Mariners schedules currently Junior, and Ichiro are the top stars.

Much like most promotional things in 1991 the Mariners capitalized on Senior, and Junior playing for the same team. Not a bad looking schedule showing the two off together. In 1992 Junior popped up for his third appearance on a Mariners schedule.

Missing out on the 1993 schedule Junior was back to form the following year. The 1994 and 1995 schedules which I think are his best looking. While some showed him at the plate or after his swing. These were the only to showcase that sweet swing of his. Its schedules like these that are the reason I enjoy collecting schedules. Some of these just have that baseball card feel to them.

Even though this has a pile going on I'm counting it as a Junior schedule. Commemorating 'The Slide' which is possibly the teams most historic moment ever. Schedules such as this one are great if you cheer the team, and know what this picture is all about. I have lots of these type schedules in my collection, but knowing everything behind this one makes it even more special. I wouldn't be surprised if there are more like this that we just don't know how special it is.

Three more years of schedules before the run in Seattle had ended for a trip to Cincinnati. While they are decent looking schedules. I can't help but think these are the type of pictures you would see on a baseball card for these years. Thinking about it, didn't one of the companies do a card with the player in front of the teams logo?

Unfortunately I traded away the one schedule he appeared on for the Cincinnati Reds. I'd thought about cheating, and showing it off anyway as it was a good looking schedule. An internet search came up empty so we are left with 2009, and Junior's last appearance on a schedule. Still having the look of that card set with the patch background. This wasn't a bad way to go out in schedules.


  1. These are beautiful. To eBay I go....!

  2. Pocket schedules are awesome... awesome Griffey collection!