Saturday, August 3, 2013

Biz Cards The Collection- San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants, and Chicago Cubs

Today's we finish off the National League West with the Padres, and Giants. From there we will move towards the Central Division with the Chicago Cubs.

San Diego Padres

How can you not just enjoy this card? You have a classic business card look with the old school Padre logo. While I am far from a Padres, I can see why some people became fans of the franchise. The Padre swinging the bat is a cool look, and shows on this card.

These two are the latest designs for the Padres. The top card isn't one of my favorites as it just seems bland to me. Much like the Rockies card from last weekend it just seems to busy for my liking. They fixed the bad cards with the latest edition on the bottom. This is just a simple card yet classy in its look. While the logo is simpler I like it better for reasons I just can't figure out.

San Francisco Giants

This rates in my opinion as one of the top three business cards in the entire MLB. While the front of this card says class all over it, and draws you in. You flip this card over to realize that the front was just a teaser to the real style on this card. The whole ballpark looks awesome, with the antique coloring. As you can see by looking at the back the front logo is raised which adds to the cards great look.

I look at the business cards in the collection for the Giants, and can't help but realize this team has the best cards. While this is the card for a scout, and not the franchise itself. Throw in that it appears to me the card has some age on it. I don't know if the franchise ever used this design for their cards or if only this one scout used it. This is still a sweet looking card, and cements the Giants as the team with the best card designs.

 Chicago Cubs

The Cubs are probably the one team in the MLB that I could use another card for. While I count this as having a card for the collection it is kind of a reach. This is a card for a scout from who knows how many years ago. I'm going to bet that while this card is fairly plain, and quite possibly the worst I have for any MLB team. A card for the actual franchise will have a much better look to it I believe. Until I can get a new addition for the Cubs this will be the lone card representing the team.  

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