Saturday, August 24, 2013

Biz Cards The Collection- Houston Astros, L.A. Angels, & Oakland Athletics

Today we have finally hit the American League West. As with past weeks I'm not sure if Sunday will get a post or not as today is going to be another busy one. There are times when weekends start getting crazy, and right now is one of those times. The wife has been on a spree of working seven days a week, and that appears to be winding down. Now she is rearing to go out, and do things on the weekend. Some of this weekend will be with her, but the game on Saturday she is skipping. With all that out of the way lets get on to the reason for this post.

Houston Astros

While somewhat basic I like how the front bottom showcases the division Championships the team has won. The final flag that is black colored represents the teams lone World Series appearance in 2005. Another cool feature of these cards is the back goes with something new. These backs feature the Astros In Action Foundation, and their mission statement. While basic the Astros did a great job on their cards.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Back from when the team was known as the California Angels. This card falls under one of those old logo's that I enjoy. While the baseball is a little much I will say Personally this card looks better than the current cards the team uses.

This is my only card that shows an all-star game for a Major League Baseball team. While some teams will do All-Star Game logo's on their pocket schedules. Getting one in business card form is pretty sweet if you ask me.

While I am a fan of the new text used for the A. I think the old halo looked better than the current halo. Something about the double lines through the old card gave it a little more flair than this card as well. A mixture of the old card, and this card would be a great look that maybe the team should try in the future.

Oakland Athletics

The Athletics during this time frame used what is one of the most basic cards of all time. This card would have looked a ton better if they would have gone with the elephant logo instead of just A's. Now that is a card that would have been well worth having in the collection. While I'm not an Athletics fan that elephant logo just seems kind of cool to me.

While still not using the elephant logo these cards aren't bad. The top two are the current cards from the teams spring training facility in Arizona. The bottom is the teams current business card. All three cards aren't bad looking, and are an improvement over the old card.


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