Tuesday, August 6, 2013

National Night Out

For all those that don't know, tonight is National Night Out. It's a night to get out, and celebrate the ones who keep us safe every day. While I haven't participated in a few years as it gets forgotten with everything else going on. Since our last time out the event here has progressed to a much bigger thing. At one time you would have certain areas to visit. Once there they would give you their baseball card, and an item for school.

The cards were fancier than the ones I am showing, but are long gone. Shown here are cards we got when the daughter was younger from the state police exhibit at the state fair. Being what tonight is I thought why not show cards for the police dogs that kept us safe at one time. I say kept as odds are these dogs have probably retired.

Back to the local event. In the past you would get to meet the city police, and the firefighters. They would show their fire engines, and what they were capable of. It was an event kids loved, and helped them learn about the people who worked hard on their safety. Now it is held at the city park, and invites some of the bigger cities to participate.

So go out, and participate in this great event that is celebrating 30 years. My bet is their is one close to where you live. If you are in a bigger city odds are there will be many. Who knows. There might even be one within a few blocks of your house or even on your block.

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