Saturday, August 17, 2013

Biz Cards The Collection- New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies, and Washington Nationals

While usually I go into the cards on a deeper level today that isn't going to happen. These teams cards will mostly stand on their own as today at the cat house is on full busy. Sunday is the daughter's birthday, and she wants to head up, and hit the waterslide park. Being we love our waterslide parks how could I say no? So today's agenda is the daughter, one of her friend's, and me hitting up the waterslides. This could mean that the Sunday version of 'Biz Cards The Collection' might not be written this week. Sunday is real busy as we have to go pick up the cake, and do her party. The party includes more swimming, but this time at the town pool.

New York Mets

Given to me by a fellow baseball card collector. This isn't a bad looking card with the teams logo so predominately displayed.

Philadelphia Phillies

Another of my favorite type of MLB business card. The good old fashioned old school logo. As I've said a few times doing these posts. I enjoy the cards that have these logo's the team used a few years back. Cards like this is one of the reason I love this collection. Being able to look back, and see how a teams logo has progressed to what it currently is.

Have to show off the new logo to go along with the old logo.  The thing about scanning the cards is you can't see the great gloss on the logo. This glossiness on some cards adds to the greatness. This is one of those type of cards.

Washington Nationals

How could I show off cards for the Washington Nationals without doing the team they came from. While the Montreal Expos are defunct I got a little memory of the team, and their logo.

This card is making its second appearance on the blog. The final card needed to complete my MLB collection. Earlier this summer I was lucky to finally be able to cross this card off my wantlist. If you read that post you know all about how thrilled I was to finally complete this part of the collection.

Hopefully you have enjoyed the look through the National League portion of my business card collection. If you missed your team go back, and see what they are using. If you are an American League fan like my wife your teams will be coming up either Sunday, or next Saturday. I'm going to go out on a limb, and predict it will be next weekend as a day at the waterslides can really wear a person out.

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