Thursday, August 1, 2013

Artelopes- Canadian Style

Just a few weeks ago I had to make a trip to the post office for some mailings. While there I thought I'd grab some stamps, and finally hit up the two teams in Canada that I need to get business cards from.

The Aigles are a brand new team in the Can-Am League which you can get from the envelope. More than anything I needed a business card for the collection. Being they are in their inaugural season. Deciding to go a little bigger, and hopefully increase my odds. I went online, and found an English to French translator. I typed in the letter for the request, and had it translated. Unfortunately the plan didn't work, and what I got was two pocket schedules with one possibly making it into the collection.

Not a terrible looking cover I have to say. Just a disappointment since I was hoping to cross them off the business card list. Hopefully they survive until next year, and I can take a shot at it then.

Next was an attempt to update the business card collection. The Canadians play in our closest league the Northwest League. It is a single A short season league that starts in mid June, and runs until school starts. Last year they switched affiliates to the Toronto Blue Jays. I made the attempt before the whole artelopes idea last season, and came up dry. This year things are much happier as the team sent a couple pocket schedules, and a business card. Being I am now showing off the business cards on weekends you only get to see the schedule now, and will have to wait for the card.

I have to give them credit. As Northwest League Champions they put out a nice cover represnting that championship.

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