Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Artelopes - Grand Junction Rockies & Tulsa Drillers

Its been awhile since the last time any artelopes made their way into the blog. With that in mind I recently got two returns from the batch I sent out the first of the month. Both requests were simple pocket schedules as both teams are affiliated with the Colorado Rockies. Since day one of the pocket schedule collection I have been collecting all the Rockies affiliates, and these two fit into that category.

I'm going to start with the simple artelope out of the two returns. Tulsa puts out a few different schedule covers each season, and multiple sponsors on atleast one of them. Being I was hoping to acquire one or more of the schedules missing for this season. I decided to just go simple, and do the team logo. While it wasn't fancy it paid off as I got a return better than I had hoped for.

I already had the driller cover, and the sponsor that was sent. The Josh Rutledge cover was the exact cover I was hoping for when I sent this letter out. The part that got me most excited was this is the first time I ever got two different covers in the same return. So while I already had one it was special in my book, and shows how good doing this is working.

I've been wanting to get a little bigger with the artwork on these, and this was one of those chances. Deciding to just go with an enlarged version of the team logo, and cover the entire front sounded cool to me. In the past I have thought about doing one of these for the Colorado Rockies, but never have. Doing it for their short season single A team seemed like a good idea since I haven't written the big club. The return I had hoped for was a few schedules as they are a short season A team, and only do the one schedule. Much like the Drillers return I got something better than I intended.

The white colored portion is a business card that has the home schedule on the back. I just wanted to show the backside of the card as one day it will show up in the business card posts. The purple with the team logo, and player picture. That is the schedule that this whole letter was looking to get in return. Another great return, and once again showing how well the artelopes are doing with some teams.

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