Saturday, July 6, 2013

This Trade K'd Me

Wednesday when I checked the mail were some cards from a trade I don't even recall making. Those types of cards are sometimes the best. The ones you don't even know why they came. What I do recall is sending Tom who is a member of the online trading group TradingBases. some cards for a set. What I don't recall is whether we had agreed to a set or if he wanted to return the favor. Either way it made for a great group of cards.

With Topps doing the mini's in this years set why not start with an old school 1990 Topps League Leaders. I remember these were fun to build when I was younger. Building a much smaller set gave me a sense of accomplishment when it was finished. It never mattered that the set was only 88 cards when completed. I still felt like I had done something big.

Finishing off this group of cards were four more Ryan cards. In the end it gets you wondering. What could be better then an envelope full of the strikeout king?

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