Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 Bloggolutions- The Halfway Point

With this being July first, and what I will call the halfway point of the year. I thought it would be fun, and maybe inspire me to refocus on those goals. As you will notice I had set up ten goals. The reason for this is at the time I thought it would be good to do ten goals, and give each goal a score of ten points in value. Then at the end of the year I could finish with a score of 1-100, and grade my results as a test. So without beating the bush anymore here we go.

1- Make over 200 posts for the year. 
Counting this post I stand at currently 125 posts. This sets me up to only need 75 more posts to accomplish this goal. Throw in that I currently have two trade posts that need written up. A group of artelopes that were sent out, and will need write-ups. Toss in any baseball games I follow up with. Finishing up with any card purchases, and any other fun write-up I can dream up to keep this blog running along. This goal should be achieved easily. The real question is how many over the 200 I can go.
2- Reach 33 followers.
 When I made this goal originally I commented that the goal should be 50, but would do 33 as I just love the number. If you look to the side you will see that I currently stand at the 50 so mission accomplished. Now I will hopefully do something to keep all of you interested, and add even more who enjoy the writing done on this blog
3- Finish 5 sets or subsets of baseball cards.  
I started the year out strong by completing two of my Nolan Ryan Mother's Cookies sets in a January trade. Since then I have been adding cards that have put me on the verge of completing a few sets. Some of those cards were found at the two card shows I have gone to this year. Others which I have enjoyed more were acquired through trades with all of you great bloggers, and readers of this blog. One of the sidetracks on completing this goal so far is I have added 13 new sets, and subsets to the wants. These new wants have gotten me going in other directions than just completing what I was originally working on. The great thing about all this is simple. I am having more fun collecting baseball cards than I have had in years. 

4- Complete 24 trades of baseball cards. 
This was, and has been the one goal I want to complete more than any other goal.  Trading is one of the main reason we are all blogging isn't it? The chance to trade with our fellow baseball card collectors is awesome. Out of all the goals set for myself this year trading has been the easiest. Before starting this blog I was in a Yahoo trading group, but never participated that often. Since doing this blog I have had a blast doing trades not just with that group. I have done some amazing trades with those of you who visit this very blog. All this trading has taught me a ton in life as well. The generosity of you all in trades have inspired me to do the same with people I deal with. Before this time I was one of those worried about the value of my cards. While I still struggle with the attitude I have been getting tons better, and have sent out some cool stuff without worrying what if anything comes back. It's a wonderful feeling that is thanks to every single one of you. Oh Yeah! I believe I've made the 24 trades, and am hoping to double up on the original goal.

 5- Improve my artwork for the artelopes 
My artwork seems to go up, and down at times. That is expected as I've never been a great artist. I have had some fun in dreaming ideas for the various teams I write. Not only has the artwork gone up, and down like a roller-coaster. The creativity aspect has done the same during that time frame. More consistency would be nice, and will hopefully come as I continue drawing more.

6- Get all three of my hobbies organized
When the year started my business card collection was organized, but both the pocket schedules, and baseball cards needed tons of help. While the business cards are still looking good. I managed to get the sets I'm currently working on more organized as well. The problem comes in that the pocket schedules are still as mess, and the hobby room looks trashed. All this leads me to believe that I'm either at the same point I started or possibly even going backwards. For the second half of this year I need to get the room reorganized, and work from there.

 7- Get an autograph card of all my favorite players
At the time of the original posting the list of favorite players was at five. Currently the list stands at eight players. Some of the players have a very limited amount of cards to begin with so this is a sort of impossible dream. I'm not even sure if some of the players even have an autographed card. These two things will not sway me though as I still want to set my sights on this at some point. Sadly, this is the one goal I have spent the least amount of time even thinking about or attempting to accomplish. Looking at all the other goals this is the bottom one in importance. I did start the season out with a Teixeira that was gotten in person. Currently that autograph is still the only one in the collection.
 8- Improve my writing
 At times I believe I do a good job at this goal. Other times I don't do so well when it comes to my writing. More consistently in the blog posts would be nice. Some of the posts have been really good while others not so much. I have a tendency to write almost repeated sentences over, and over again in my longer posts. Sometimes I will even do it within the same paragraph. Fixing problems like that has been a work in progress, and I think I'm doing a little better. I constantly have been fighting this major writing flaw, and will hopefully eliminate it at some point. Until then I keep rereading my posts before publishing in hopes of catching any that slipped in.

 9- Half my baseball business card wants
I am so excited to be able to say I have hit this goal plus. When the year started there were seven teams on this list. All seven were teams I have been trying desperately to get a card from for years. Before the start of the season there were four new teams added into the mix. This would have put me at 11 teams needing cards for this project. Currently I am only missing two of the original seven, and three of the four new teams. As of writing this I haven't sent out anything to the three new teams so they are still a strong possibility.

10- Get more involved in the blogging scene
The idea for this goal was the work of a few other blogs. While I can't recall the first blog I read it from. My version was to comment on other blogs a minimum 52 times during the course of the year. The first month or two I started strong, and started to fade when it came to this goal. Unless I start just going wild replying which wouldn't be right. This will end as a goal that needs more work, and will be on the 2014 list. I will still try to reply to the great stuff you all write, and let you know how great your posts are. You all do great work, and I know how much I enjoy comments on my posts. Giving that back by commenting on your work should be high on my list in return.

While some of my goals are far from where they should be. Others are way ahead, and completed much sooner than I ever imagined. Doing a halfway post now lets me know where I stand in accomplishing the goals I set for 2013. Now I know what I've been doing great, and what parts need more work. From here on out I want to continue doing the things I've done right, and get better at the other items. Hopefully when the year is over I can step up my game, and finish the year with atleast a score of 80. I believe it will be tough but that was the point of setting these goals in the first place. Something to keep working on, and moving forward in bettering myself. For now though I am pretty well where you would expect me to be at the halfway point.

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