Saturday, July 27, 2013

Biz Cards The Collection- Senior Professional Baseball Association

I'm going to pair my entire collection of these cards as I only have four in the entire collection.  The following four cards are all from the short-lived Senior Professional Baseball Association.

The Pelicans, and Juice were both charter members of the league which started in 1989. Playing in the Northern Division of the eight team league. Orlando would finish the season in third place, and fold at seasons end. St. Petersburg became the lone team to claim a title for the league before it folded during the 1990 season.

In the leagues second season four teams were added to replace the four teams that had folded. One of those teams was the Daytona Beach Explorers who were relocated from Bradenton. Despite success on the field in their initial season the move had to be made as the team still took a loss in finances. Keeping the name with the move Daytona was 11-11 when the league folded.

Sun City was the leagues attempt to branch out into other markets. The lone team in Arizona at the time of the leagues folding. Sun City was 13-10, and in second place. The team had some serious pitching at the time in Rollie Fingers, and Fergie Jenkins.

These are more of the cards I purchased from the other collector. When you think about how short-lived the last two teams existed it's pretty cool to even have these cards. I'm glad to have them as a reminder to a baseball league I personally have very little knowledge about. While I was collecting baseball cards at the time. I was into collecting the latest, and greatest trying to make my fortune. Things like this league were not worth my time as there was no money in it. Now that I've grown to appreciate baseball cards, and other sports memorabilia for what it is. Looking back at the league through these cards is exactly why I enjoy all my collections.

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