Thursday, July 11, 2013

In A Funk

For the last couple weeks I have just been in this huge funk. All this has led me to either sad posts here on the blog or no post at all. My best attempt was the Derek Jeter prospect post which was a little fun to write, and something hopefully you all enjoyed. Since returning from vacation I have only been to Goodwill once, and that has been a bummer. I was able to add a really cool bobblehead that I should share in the near future. Other than that it has been no cards or anything else fun.

 I do need to make a Costco run this weekend so another Goodwill stop will make it into the route. I keep debating about a run up north with a stop into the card shop, but haven't quite pulled the trigger on that yet. Is that what I need to get out of this funk? A little card shop fun with a pack of two to get me out of this. Hopefully that does it, and I'm able to find out. Until then I leave you with three returns from the artelopes.

The Naturals are a double A team in the Texas League. They have been affiliated with the Royals since day one, and have been a team I've collected schedules from since then. No idea on why, but for some reason I think the logo is cool. I was lucky to get two schedules from the team which was what I had requested.

The Rays come from the rookie level Appalachian League. As you can guess they are affiliates of the Tampa Rays. This return was a huge disappointment as they are one of the two hold over teams I still need a business card from. What I got is one pocket schedule, and the desire to see what it's going to take to cross them off the needs list.

Rockford is an independent league team. This past season they changed names from the RiverHawks to the Aviators. This was another business card need as I'd love to update the collection. What I got was one pocket schedule, and another team I'll end up attempting again.

Now all that is left is getting out of this funk.

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  1. Do you have scans or pictures of all the business cards together? I'd be curious to see how they look