Monday, July 29, 2013

Bigfoot Spotted In My Hobby Room

A month ago while cruising through the schedules for our local teams I noticed a fun give-away that stopped me in my tracks. Thinking this thing would look awesome in the hobby room I had to go, and get one. Being this give-away was on a Friday I had to see if there was time available on that particular Friday. Attempting that week to get my name on the calendar it was going to be up to fate. The calendar was full, and I was left on the back-up list hoping for a slow day at work. Fate was on my side, and I was able to get the time off for the game. Leaving two hours early from work I came home got ready. Talked the daughter into going before we left to pick up a friend who enjoys going to games with us any chance he gets. So what was this prize that I was looking for?

This is a Bigfoot bobblefoot. The big right foot bobbles, and goes with the new look the Emeralds have this season. Personally I thought it looked like a fun addition to the bobblehead collection. So I had to do whatever it took to add one.

Not only was I able to add the Bigfoot into the collection we got to try something that has fascinated me for awhile. Earlier this year the minor league website did a best foods at minor league contest. While I did vote I never did stick around to see who won each category. One of those forgetful things that were interesting at the time, but in the long run wasn't. Included in the list was one team from our area, and that was the Eugene Emeralds. The food showcased for the contest was a VooDoo doughnut bratwurst. VooDoo Doughnuts is a doughnut store with two in Portland, and one in Eugene as the college kids love them. They are open 24 hours, and have extreme doughnuts that while I have never tried I hear are awesome.
       One of their doughnuts which is featured in the bratwurst is a maple bar with bacon. For the VooDoo bratwurst they split one of those maple bars, then put a bratwurst, cover it with a strip of bacon, and then add a little maple flavored glaze to the top. While it sounds crazy, and really is when you think about it. This was something that I just had to try, and was glad I did. Deciding with the daughter to just get one, and share it before buying another. The price tag of $7.75 was the reason for this. I got the first bite before she claimed the rest for herself as it tasted that good. My friend Joe who went was lucky enough that she did share one bite with him before finishing it off. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it as it was pretty messy, and got eaten pretty fast.

Once the game started we settled in, and just enjoyed ourselves until the fourth when the daughter wanted a frozen strawberry lemonade. After getting back she ate it then went over to get me one of those ice cream's in a helmet as the booth was pretty close to our seats. This is the third different helmet I have for the Emeralds with all three now sitting on a shelf in the room. Beforehand the daughter wanted to torture poor Dega, and here are the results.

With the game being mostly under control by the Vancouver Canadians we just sat back, and enjoyed everything. One of those things is the big lime green bear that is the Emeralds mascot. I'll have to admit for the first time since I have ever seen him he was in great form. He ran around playing, and was very entertaining. Doing enough fun things that I had to snap some pictures of him which is something I'm usually not even slightly interested in.

At one point he had three bags of popcorn, and was giving them away.

The problem was he would stand in the aisle, and throw the bag to the people. In typical mascot form he didn't just toss them nicely. His last throw half the bag scattered all over anyone near the person he threw the bag to. Overall I think he did a great job of entertaining the crowd, and turned me into a fan. I want mascots who actually entertain, and not just stand around taking pictures with kids. The bear did just that, andwas quite possibly better than the game we were all there to see.

In the end the Canadians won, but the score was closer than expected with them winning by one run. After the game the daughter wanted to stick around, and see if she could fins another Bigfoot or two. Looking a couple rows down, and over I noticed two boxes which said to me I have Bigfoot, but didn't react soon enough. Sure enough an usher was going row to row real fast, and both boxes had Bigfoot. She went someplace with them, and returned with nothing in her hands. My guess is she got them for someone she knew who came to late as she left when we did, and still had empty hands. I'm not sure I could have traded them anyways so it probably worked out for the best.
        I wish we could guarantee another couple games down there. Personally I love the Emeralds stadium as they play at PK Park which is home of the University of Oregon Ducks baseball team. Currently we plan on going to another game on August 24th as they are doing another sweet give-away that I need for the hobby room. This is one I'll be on the lookout, and more active in trying to get extra's as I know atleast one blogger would be interested in obtaining one of these goodies. Until then who knows if we will get down there before the 24th. I still do have 10 tickets for Corvallis so we will be trying to burn through those as they only have five home games remaining before the playoffs.


  1. I got my Bigfoot Bobblefoot also. It sits on my desk at work hidden in one of my plants. As you know Bigfoot is quite elusive so it makes sense. What a great night for baseball that was. My favorite moment was late in the game when Sasquatch came out and was molesting the Vancouver Canadian Right Fielder. I got some pictures with my phone but they were very blurry. Since all pictures of Sasquatch are blurry I have come to the conclusion that Sasquatch is just naturally blurry.

    Love your Blog!


    1. Putting it in the plants is an awesome idea. That harassing the fielder was a riot. I was going to put the longer lens on the camera, but just didn't do it. Like with yours they might have all come out blurry. So between the two of us we still can't prove what we saw then.