Monday, July 22, 2013

Garage Sale Bobblepalooza - part 1

Back in April I had a post about the event they call 'The World's Largest Garage Sale' that was held in Portland. At the time I mentioned another of these were happening in July, but that I wasn't sure about going.  Earlier in the week I was still on the fence on what my decision would be. As the weekend started to take shape everything started to fall into place. On Thursday I started to feel that what the heck it'll be fun despite the drive. That same day the wife let me know she would be working all weekend as things have picked up at her work. Thursday night while at a birthday party for the wife's step-mother the final piece fell into place. The daughter got an offer to head over to the coast for the weekend leaving me forced to go or spend three days at home bored. I chose option A, and the garage sale slash swap meet to atleast fill Saturday.

Waking up bright, and early. Well not so bright, but early. I started to make the trek up north full of both excitement, and worry at the same time. The worry was that it might not live up to the hype I had placed for it in my head. As I closed in on the off ramp I looked to the left, and could see part of the area set up. This is when the worry disappeared, and the excitement grew to a crazy high. Waiting for the gates to open, we started chatting in line as some of the group were here for the first time.

Entering I went with the small group that went to the right. Starting my journey I did row after row looking for something to peak my interest. Finally on the last row of this section I came across a find that had me thrilled to death. Sitting on a table with two other bobbleheads was the 2009 Franklin Gutierrez. Thinking this was the final bobblehead for my 2009 Mariners I went nuts. Sitting in a chair close by was a boy who must have been the bobbleheads owner. With no price on any of the three I asked what he wanted for Guti. This where the price dance began, but didn't go as either of us had planned. Twenty dollars he quickly quoted, and was met with a ten dollars. Fifteen dollars is the best I'll do he came back with. I followed with ten dollars because he's in the minor leagues, and really isn't that special. I'm only offering ten because he finishes my 2009 set. Looking at Guti he once again came back with fifteen too which I put him down, and responded with a good luck with that. Slowly I began walking away hoping he would cave in, and say ten was good. In the end he never did, and I'll bet either lowered his price below ten or took all three home. Arriving at home that night it was all good anyways as I actually need a Felix to go along with Franklin.

Not willing to dwell on the loss for too long I started working my way down the row. As I started to walk towards one of the sellers I noticed a man pick up what looked like a Mariners bobblehead box. Curious as to who was in the box I slowly lingered around the area hoping to catch a glimpse. Luck was on my side as he asked to look inside which gave me a chance to see. Sitting inside was none other than a 2006 Richie Sexson. As he took it out the man noticed the bat wasn't attached. Wondering if it was broken, neither him or the seller knew that the bat had to be screwed in. We both talked about it for a couple minutes as he gave it a good look over. Finally he mentioned to the seller that he would think it over, and decide if he wanted it. Wanting to be fair I mentioned that if he walks away I was going to buy it as five bucks wasn't bad. Slowly he thought about it before sliding it across the table to me, and thanked me for being up front with him. Before moving on the guy was very cool, and mentioned another seller had a couple Ichiro bobbleheads that odds are might be gone by now.

After buying Richie I finished the row, and moved on to the middle area while heading for the left side of the fairgrounds. Hitting the last set-up I noticed four 2012 Ichiro bobbleheads sitting on a small shelf with a small sign that read Ichiro 5.00. Thinking to myself this must be the place the guy earlier had mentioned. I dove right in, and started to open the first box. Instantly I noticed him sitting freely in the box, and an arm laying with him loosely. Sadly I closed the box hoping the other three hadn't fallen the same fate. Sadness turned to excitement as the next box had Ichiro still in his protective plastic. Looking him over I was satisfied, and gave up the five dollars.

Starting to go far left I noticed the building, and the lucky group that were able to get the prime location. Whether it was still prime when the heat moved in might be another thing. While I was there it was cold, and the building was the warmest area. Deciding if I wanted to get out of the cold or stay the course something inside told me to stay the course. Listening to that voice I made the choice to walk past everything, and work my way back. Another great choice as the first stop had a 2010 Felix Hernandez bobblehead for three dollars. Without even hesitating I began to reach into the pocket for three dollars. While doing so the seller asked if I was going to open it up, and make sure everything was good. Oh Yeah! That might be a good idea I came back with as I opened the box. By his reaction it was obvious everything would be good. Who tells you to open the box other than someone who knows everything's in good shape?

Finishing up I went around before coming to what was simply called the dollar booth. He had all his items organized to make finding things so easy. Finding a box full of baseball related items which included cups that sadly had gotten so much sun they were faded. Inside were two small sets of cards, but neither interested me. Underneath the two boxes I found a stack of the 1993 subset Triple Play Action Baseball cards. It was a decent sized stack which I had hoped would finish the set for me, if not be a complete set. It was not to be as most of the cards were doubles of each other. In the end I was able to add seven cards to the set though so that is a win in my book.

Overall it was an awesome show for me when you figure I added three bobbleheads into the collection. Throw in the final touch of seven cards that was a very unexpected surprise. They handed out postcards for another show in Portland again, and I plan on going. This show is November so things could change by then.