Friday, July 5, 2013

1985 4th of July- Braves vs. Mets

While I know it's a day late as the Fourth of July was yesterday. At work on Thursday I noticed a story about five moments to remember from games played on the Fourth. One of those was a game that I remember as a 15 year old kid. A game that started with these two guys pitching.

Back then I lived in a small town with very limited television channels. My baseball choices were Braves games, and Cubs games. While I don't remember everything about this great game. What I do recall is wanting to watch the game as they promised to show the after game fireworks show on television.

Sitting there watching inning after inning just rooting for a team to win. As the hours rolled by I didn't even care who won all I wanted is the game to end so the fireworks will start. As I was about to give up the Mets racked up two runs in the 13th. Here I was with the payout for all my time about to pay off the excitement. The bottom half of the inning started with a single followed by two outs. The excitement was almost too much as fireworks were a mere one out away. Then it happened...

Harper hits a home run, and we are tied. NOOOOO!! I sat there stunned as the final out to the inning followed along with the 14th. Once again the Mets threatened before coming up empty. A quick bottom half was next before I finally gave in to the need for sleep. The next morning I woke to learn it was a 19 inning marathon that ended after 4 in the morning Atlanta time.While I didn't get to see the end I do have a memory of a lifetime.

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