Sunday, July 21, 2013

Biz Cards The Collection- Women's Softball, and Baseball

While I show off the business cards that come in from the artelopes when they come in. There are so many more business cards that were in the collection before this blog was started. This is going to be my series to showcase all those cards. Currently the plan will be to show anywhere from one team to possibly teams from an entire league per post. What information is given about the team, and business card will be an ever evolving process like anything else we do blogging. To keep it simple for me they will be on Saturday, and Sunday this way I can establish a pattern for the posts.

Today we start with the two cards I currently have for women's fastpitch softball, and women's baseball. Both cards came from another collectors collection of cards as he was no longer into business cards. I purchased his collection where both of these cards were found. Without all his work in securing these cards I would have never added them as they are pre 2001 which is when this project started.

Tampa Bay Fire Stix

The Tampa Bay Fire Stix played in what was called the Women's Professional Softball League. The League founded in 1997 under the name of the WPF, and sporting six teams with the Fire Stix being one of those teams. After two seasons the league changed names to the WPSL in 1999 with two time league champion the Orland Wahoos moving to Akron to become the Racers. Other than the one change everything remained exactly as it had before. During that initial season the Fire Stix defeated the Racers to become WPSL Champions. Playing in the league until the WPSL decided to take time off, and consider expansion possibilities. When the league reformed in 2004 as the current NPF the Fire Stix were not one of the new leagues members.

Colorado Silver Bullets

Playing baseball against mens teams from 1994 until 1997. The name Silver Bullets originated due to their sponsorship from the Coor's Brewing Company. Starting their time the team played mostly against teams from the independent Northern League in 1994 where they went 6-38 for the season. Hoping to keep the excitement alive the team played the next three seasons against lower level teams mostly made up of all-stars from various leagues around the country. Managing to go 11-33, and improving again to 18-34 in year three. Finally the team managed a winning record in its fourth, and final season going 23-22. Sponsorship from Coors ended, and unable to find a new sponsor the team was forced to fold. It was a great run that I remember at the time myself. I remember seeing that the team was playing locally here in Oregon once, and missed the chance to watch them play.

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