Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Garage Sale Bobblepalooza - part 2

After such a successful show, and it only being eleven in the morning. I thought to myself that it would be fun to hit up some of the Goodwill's I haven't made it to for a few months. The first stop on my agenda was a store I had seen only, but never been to that was a few miles down the road from the show. Thinking it might be fun to check out I started to make my way south. As I got close to making the exit I noticed that if I did make this stop it meant adding a bunch of miles to the trip home, and I wasn't willing to do this so I passed.

No big deal I thought to myself as there were four other ones along the way so why cry over one? Making the drive into Wilsonville wondering what if anything might be found at the first stop. This Goodwill is a hit or miss stop that has yielded a couple logo baseballs for the hobby room, but that's it. I have seen Portland Blazers bobbleheads before, but not being a huge basketball fan prevented me from buying any. Making my way through the sports section I started to wonder as it was filled to the rim with junk. Next up was the frames as I have been buying empty frames for my pictures in. Another nothing on the list of finds for this place. Thinking it would be a total bust I rounded the corner to the nick-nac row, and looked up to find this little beauty right here.

He does have a little character on him, but it's cool as overall he is still in great shape for a bobblehead that wasn't in the box. Sitting next to A.J. was a Newman bobblehead, but he was beyond character, and into the damaged stage. The few chips, and missing paint told me he needed to stay right where he was. Another four feet down the row on a lower shelf was a bobblehead of the Rockets mascot. Another nice piece that bobbled at the belly. While I love mascots something just told me to pass on this bad boy, and I would find out later why. Paying for my find it was due south to Salem, and a Goodwill I have decent success at.

Pulling in it was fairly slow which was a sort of surprise. This is probably the busiest Goodwill I have ever been to.The slow was nice as usually people are quite rude at this store. You have to maneuver around like a ninja as people will stand in the row, and block the other half with their cart. asking them nicely if you can pass is a waste except on a very rare occasion. This is the place where I started to realize I was a bobblehead magnet. Walking down the nick-nac aisle I came across a Washington Nationals Abe Lincoln mascot bobblehead. The excitement was short lived as sadly Abe must have borrowed money from the mob, or told a lie. His right hand was totally missing, and no place to be found. It was a sad fate for such a cool bobblehead. I picked up Abe to give him the sad look, and his head fell off. Shameful I thought as I decided to move on for another stop, and see if my luck was still running hot.

My nest stop was the south Salem Goodwill. As I pulled up I was just hoping for something decent as this store has never yielded anything in the baseball category. While I go here every chance I can it hasn't been that good to me. My purchases here were a picture frame, and bubble mailers for sending baseball cards, and pocket schedules out in. Nothing to even make it worth the stop, but for some reason I keep finding myself going in. Checking out the frames, and realizing I was wasting my time here again I went down the nick-nac row just for kicks. On a middle shelf half way down the aisle there it was. The moment I realized that I was on fire when it came to bobbleheads today.

This is the mascot for the old triple A Portland Beavers. The cool part is not only does the head bobble, but he has that huge beaver tail, and it bobbles as well. This I see was the reason I had passed on the Rockets mascot earlier. If I had bought that mascot this stop would never had been made. Despite being only 3 dollars I was busted now with only a couple dollars left over. I didn't care though as now I have five new additions into the collection.

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  1. Dang... looks like I need to start hitting up the local garage sales. Nice bobbles.