Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Starting with the end of last week I have been debating about what I should do as my first post for this year. One idea that has been tossed around quite a few times of doing the bloggolutions for 2014. The problem is I'm not sure if there will be a 2014 bloggolutions, or if I'll just go where my hobbies take me. Finishing the year with a recap on the year in December or January 1st. Who am I kidding though? Odds are I'll end up setting some goals while watching football games this afternoon.

While thinking up ideas on how to start 2014 the first post of the year came to me in the form of a box on Monday afternoon. Inside that box was something that a few people in the blogging world will recognize.

If you weren't lucky enough to see one of these cards this Christmas season. This was the Christmas card from Duff who runs the awesome blog 'Bleedin' Brown and Gold'. Duff, and the Cat have traded atleast once, and it was a trade I was thrilled to have done. Little did I know it would lead to something as awesome as what came on Monday. Before going down that road though we need to fix a little problem here.

My guess is that this beautiful package was to arrive before Christmas, but a slight oversight slowed it down. Actually its probably a huge oversight that made its appearance on my doorstep a miracle. I'll say thank goodness my first name is so off-the-wall that the post office probably knew where it went. Throw in that I live in a fairly small town. With these two things in my favor the package came just a little slower than expected. For all the crap I've given the post office in the past they did me good this time. So the problem was this. The address label was printed all nice, and neat with "2728 Mercer street". I actually live on "2728 9th street".

 Thinking about this mistake I've come to the conclusion there will only be one way to try, and make sure this doesn't happen again. I will have to flood Duff's mailbox during 2014 with Padres items so the address is ingrained into his mind. Lucky for me we have the short season Northwest League Padres affiliate in the Eugene Emeralds just under an hour away. We always try to hit a minimum two games, and more if the giveaways are to my liking. That advantage will give me a starting point, and then I'll have to work from there.

With all that out of the way it's time to show off the fantastic present that the Duff sent my direction.

This is the 2013 Milwaukee Brewers stadium giveaway Gorman Thomas bobblehead. The crazy thing is Gorman is wearing a Seattle Pilots jersey. Due to the Pilots look Gorman will fit in quite nicely with the Seattle Mariners bobbleheads currently filling the hobby room.

Seeing that beauty it's obvious on how this post got the name, WOW!! That was the only thing going through my mind as I picked myself up off the floor after opening the box Gorman came in. Honestly it is still the one word going through my head as I write this. If 2014 ends up continuing this streak the last two days of 2013 started. It is going to be a great year to be 'The Prowling Cat'. Thank you so much Duff for a great gift.


  1. I love that Gorman!! You are a lucky man.

  2. When I was looking for sports cards for the Christmas cards, I found the Gorman bobblehead and immediately thought of you. Since it wouldn't fit into the card envelope, it got stuck into a box. However, I humbly apologize for the address snafu.
    Glad you liked it. Here's to a great 2014 and may you get all the cards you want, and then some.

  3. Awesome bobble. Loved watching Gorman rip home runs when I was a kid.