Friday, January 24, 2014

The Raz Recycles

Coming home on Thursday I did the usual routine. This routine is to walk in, and say hello to the dog. Afterwards we make the walk together down the block to our mailbox, and pick up the mail. Its a great routine that allows the dog to do his thing, and me to do a little walking even if it is a short distance. While everything seemed ordinary it would end up being anything but. As I reached inside the box I could feel a bubble mailer, and could tell it contained cardboard goodness. Looking at the address it became obvious real fast that Chris from 'The Raz Card Blog' had dropped me with a blindside mailer. Chris does a great job, and covers some of the sports I love. Lately he has been showing off some sweet NASCAR treasures that if I was a fan of his drivers would leave me drooling. Even as a Kyle Busch fan I can appreciate some sweet looking cards, or 1/24 diecast cars for Junior, or Danica Patrick.

Excited to find out what was inside, but forced to wait. Dinner had to come first as a hard day at work will leave a man wanting food just slightly more than cardboard satisfaction. Once finished I started to rip into the mailer, and noticed that there was something strange about this mailer. It wasn't until reading the letter attached that it became obvious what it was. Chris is a recycler, and did it with style.

Seeing all the cards Chris stuffed into this mailer I bet his fresh mailers were too small. The cards barely fit into the mailer he sent. To use a baseball term, Chris hit a grand slam in this mailer. Starting things off with a bang Chris went right to business by knocking off what is already my third set in this barely new year.

Thanks to Chris I can now cross 2013 Opening Day off the wants. Not a bad way to end the set if you ask me, Adam Dunn. Adam wasn't the only 2013 Opening Day cards he sent my direction.

If you've been reading the cat long enough you know how much I love the play at the plate cards. Chris not only sent me one of those beauties, but sent one I need for a subset. Throw in the Yankee who looks to be taking 2014 off sliding into what looks to be third, and Prince Fielder celebrating. Looks like a winning combo to me.

Not finished hitting up the 2013 Opening Day cards, Chris went all the way. Surveying all the damage he not only did he wrap up the set itself, but he hit every single subset. The coolest part is he hit my favorite the mascots the hardest.

Opening Day wasn't the only set Chris went after. Both series 1, and 2 of the flagship took some blows as well. 39 cards added to these two sets to be exact. All this left series 1 down to needing only three cards with them being 35, 173, and 322. I'm going to go out on a very small limb, and say this will be the next set to bite the dust.

While we've all seen most the cards over, and over again. I just had to show off the play at the plate card that came in the batch. With all the love double play cards get from the various blogs these had to be included to the final scan.

If anyone was to ask me what I learned from this package. I'd have to say that if Chris ever wants to do more recycling  I'd be more than happy to help again.


  1. I would send my Kyle Busch cards your way, but my eldest son has taken a shine to the M & M's car and I've been siphoning off most of my Busch stuff into his little card collection.

    1. Smart kid. Funny thing is that was the whole reason we started rooting for Kyle.