Thursday, January 23, 2014

An Almost Complete Ballgame

Tuesday was one of those wonderful days here at the cat house. Two packages of cards were in the mail, and two big batches at that. The first which was already shown on Tuesday came from Roger. The second a huge surprise came from Kevin who happens to be the founder of the online group TradingBases. It's a wonderful group that if you've come here enough you hear about often.
             The best thing about the group is it's much like the blogging community. People send cards to each other all the time not worried about what if anything returns. While my start in the group wasn't what it should have been. Since starting this blog I have been trying to send cards to other members when I can hit their lists. Most of the time its not as much as I'd like, but it has been improving. One day I'm hopeful I can repay the kindness everyone has paid to me over the years. Odds are it'll never happen, but I will keep trying.

Not long ago Kevin sent out what he calls his 5, and under set wants. This led to a simple PWE with one of the missing cards for one of those sets, and another just to make sure the original card wouldn't be lonely. What happened is those two cards multiplied into what I am calling an almost complete game.

To start off any game we have need our pitcher, and catcher. While I had a few pitchers to pick from I just thought why not pick a Red Sox card? As for the catcher this was my only choice so Molina gets to be that card.

Next came the home run. While we can't verify that this card shows Lind hitting a home run. I'm going to say for the sake of this game, and the way Lind is looking. We will call this a home run card.

After a home run we have to go all the way to the other end of the spectrum. Personally this is a pretty sweet angle for a bunt card if you ask me. I don't know how many batting cards are done with the centerfield shot, but I like it.

You can't have a game without some base-running. Gomez looks to be giving it his all by the look on his face. There was only one other choice to use as the baserunner, but I think Gomez might have won even with ten more cards to choose from.

Any game wouldn't be complete with some fielding. The group of cards Kevin sent only had two cards of people fielding. Due to this we get both Mercer, and Gyorko making the play. The fielding is also why this is almost a complete game. While it would have been much cooler to be a complete game. Missing are the first baseman catching a ball, and the ever popular double play card. Despite not containing these two plays this is an incredible package of hits to my 2013 Topps wantlist.

When all is said, and done we have to close this out with the pitcher, and catcher congratulations. As luck would have it the card represents my favorite team the Rockies. The best part about all these cards is I am the one who really end up celebrating the win. 26 hits to the Topps flagship series 1, and series 2 sets will leave a collector feeling that way.

Not happy with dropping such a memorable mailer on me. Kevin wrapped things up by throwing in an unopened pack of 2012 Topps update. Thinking about how to wrap up this whole ballgame. The pack gave me the perfect closing as we wrap it up with the ever famous newspaper. No better way to leave than the source of reading about last nights game.

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