Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nolan Goes Big

Lately I've seen a few blogs talk about these cards every so often. The big Donruss cards that were made in the early to mid 80's. While going through, and organizing the Nolan Ryan card I noticed three of these big cards in a page. The page sits in the rear section of my Nolan Ryan binder.I say binder, but thinking about it more now it is binders.
        While working on the organizing that is still an ongoing project. I decided early to put the dreaded Nolan Ryan set into its own binder. Doing this allowed me to break my Ryan binder better, and help with the organization. This cleared some space in the big binder for adding cards that have been sitting in top loaders. Putting these cards into the binder will allow me to once again enjoy looking through the cards every so often instead of having them sit in the box top loaded.

Enough about the organizing though lets talk big cards. As a person who enjoys the oddball items I just love these cards. The 1983 version is by far my favorite of the three in my collection. A return of these cards would be sweet in my opinion. Making it happen though I'd like to see two requirements. These would prevent things from getting out of control, and destroying the idea.

My first requirement would be the cards be exactly the same size as these originals were. At most you could shave a millimeter or two off, but keeping them as close as possible is important. I use four pocket pages for these cards, and they fit perfectly. Changing the size of these cards would create a problem in deciding what page size to go with. I know this has been the problem people have with these cards. I even have a smaller Topps card filling out the fourth spot in the page, and it just doesn't look right in the page. That lone card shows why it is important that these cards be the size they are.

The second dilemma is set size, and how to distribute. For me these should come in packs of four cards at most. The set size would go with what they had in the past of 50 cards at most. With the pages only holding four cards that would run you 13 pages for a set. I think if you go bigger then the problem becomes using to many pages to show off a set. 100 might work as there are people who put complete sets of Topps series 1, 2, and update into pages. For me though I'd go with the 50 cards.

Now that I've given my thoughts about the big cards. I'd love to hear what you think of these cards. Do you like them, hate them, or just indifferent? If they were to return what would be your ideas on the set?


  1. I have multiples of the 1983 set. My guess is that it's just the size people don't like. Otherwise they're really nice cards with a bunch of stars and HOFers. I do like them.

  2. I like oversized cards in general, and I do like the oversized Donruss cards, which I collected at the time they came out. I have pretty much all of the three sets you've featured, but I need to work on 1985 - 1987.

    As for the size of the set, I'd go with something divisible by 8, for people who like to put their cards back-to-back within the pockets... I'd go with 48 or 56.