Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 The Make or Break Year

While I have already done the 2014 goals post recently. I still keep seeing these pop up from time to time the last couple weeks. Every time one comes up I can't help, but think about how this year is going to be a crazy one in so many ways. Making the goals for collecting to try, and give me something to shoot for is only part of the story.

Not goals by any means, but there will be so much going on in 2014. Lets start with the fact that I need to lose weight, and have started by jogging in place in the house. Its going to be a building process as currently I can only do a couple minutes of jogging, and a couple of walking before I'm done. This is mind blowing to me as I work a very physical job. How I can do that job for 10 hours, and then not be able to do more is beyond me, but it happens. Currently my jogging is short, but it will build. I did this same thing in 2010, and got into a habit, and rocked it.That year both the wife, and me were losing weight for a Disney World trip so we had a goal. This year is just me, and my desire to fit into my clothes again.

Adding to all the business will be project the wife has planned for me. Looking around the house it hit her we have so much stuff here that needs done. First is she wants to get new carpet for the house. Before doing the carpet we need to scrape the popcorn ceiling in most the house. Then comes the fun of painting all, but two rooms as the two are already done. The most interesting room will be what was the daughters bedroom, but is now a storage for her junk. Before moving into it originally she wanted it painted a lime green color as she was into Tinkerbell, and the color fit. Things change though as I plan on possibly moving my hobby room there as its a bigger room than what I currently have. Moving in there would give me more room to spread out, and work on my hobbies. Just the thought of painting over that bright color before replacing it with something I like doesn't sound like much fun.

Finishing off the project are two things I really am looking forward to. First is we desperately need new furniture, and so something comfortable to sit on is a great thing. Second is we have talked for a long time about putting up pictures from our vacations in the living room. Its been almost 14 years of living here, and still no pictures. With my enjoyment of doing the Goodwill thing I believe I'll be able to find some frames. Once that starts happening it'll just be picking, and adding the pictures.

All these projects should make for an interesting year. As I've said a ton recently. If I can stop procrastinating we will be ok. The good thing is I'm ready to get going, but the weather hasn't been helping out. So far I've started the year off right as I've done a few things with the collection to use some of this built up energy. Now just need to keep running with it, and all will be golden. Who knows... Maybe if I get all these projects done this year my procrastinating won't be an issue anymore. Until then I guess I can just dream.


  1. Sounds like you've got a great year ahead of you! Best of luck and keep us posted on your progress!

  2. Completing any of those will be fantastic - I'm sure with some stick-to-it-ed-ness you can do them all! Stick with it, and revisit your resolutions often. I've posted mine on the wall behind my desk so I can review them often and (hopefully) be successful too.

  3. Good luck this year! Re: jogging....jogging for a long time (without increasing speed) almost has nothing to do with shape, it's mostly repetition and form. while you're starting, my advice is to practice breathing correctly; this is the issue that most people just starting out have. Try breathing in twice in a row only through the nose without breathing out and then breathing out fully through the mouth. This increases oxygen intake for the muscles by up to 30%. And most importantly, have fun while doing it.

    Like the blog, by the way.