Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fuji Takes Me Across The Country

On January 4th I did a post about a day trip running around hitting Goodwill's with a stop into a card shop. During that trip I took a run at two sets on the wantlist. I guess a fair way to put it would be a subset, and a self created set.

The self created set was the 2010 Upper Deck stadiums. There is just something about stadiums that I have always loved. When it comes to the game of baseball my favorite thing about going to a game is running around the stadium. When we first started going to Safeco Field to watch the Mariners my first desire would be to start checking out the stadium. I did it over, and over until I saw everything the stadium had to offer. Even now there are things I have found still need to be checked out. One day I'll get more into that, but not today.

This love of stadiums is what led me to buying the first few cards when I saw them at a card show last year. Getting those couple cards home I had to see what was with these cards, and if there were more. A small amount of research revealed that there was a card for each stadium. The cards were a part of the 2010 Upper Deck set. Next up was going after the entire group with a vengeance.

After visiting the two stores I knew would finish the set I came up two cards short. This is where the great blogger Fuji who runs the fantastic blog 'The Chronicles of Fuji' came to the rescue. Fuji was one of two bloggers who responded, and offered up the remaining cards. Today when I arrived home Fuji's PWE was in the mailbox waiting for me. Included was what has to be one of my favorite baseball cards.

That's Right! I am now the proud owner of an autographed San Jose Fuji card. I've seen these on many other blogs, and often thought I need one of those. For some reason I just never contacted Fuji, and worked on a trade for one. Now I have one in my personal collection, and don't ask its not for trade. It's a very well done card Fuji that you should be proud of. I see that it has the number one, hopefully there is a two or one being considered in the future. Included with this masterpiece was the reason Fuji contacted me originally.

While some of these cards I think could have better pictures. This one is well done if you ask me. One of these days I'll break down the set, but today isn't that day. I'm still waiting for the last card to arrive. Throw in I have to think about how to do this as I have a couple older sets with ballparks on them to showcase. Once I figure it out get ready for the flood gates to open. Until then enjoy the photography used for this single card, and visit Fuji's blog. The guy does some great stuff that like this blog covers all sort of various goodies.

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  1. Glad the card arrived safely. As for card #2... I'm sure it'll happen sooner or later. But I have about 50 more copies of this one I need to give away first ;-)