Monday, January 6, 2014

Pittsburgh Pirate Parrot

Sitting here at the house with a feeling that I just want to write about something. I headed into the hobby room looking for some form of inspiration, and to get me one of my giant Reese's cups the wife got me for Christmas. Looking over to the right the inspiration came to me right away. Laying on the top shelf was a card we got at a game in 2011.

Before showing off the card though it wouldn't be the same without telling the story of the card. The exact game date was August 27, 2011. Of all the games we saw in 2011 I'd have to say this was the one I was looking forward to the most. It isn't very often you get to see an MLB mascot, especially one the likes of the Pirate Parrot. Actually it isn't often you get to see them around this area. In some area's this might not be a huge deal, but around here I thought it was huge.

Making the plan for the game there was one person who wasn't looking forward to the adventure. That one person was the daughter who was being forced to attend the game. Once there, and seeing the Pirate Parrot that attitude disappeared real quick. Before he came out the daughter waned to know if they had a between inning game she could play. Hitting the jackpot as they had one spot left for some sort of skit. Not caring what it was, but just wanting to go out on the field. She is an attention seeker, and this was a chance for attention.

When the Parrot came out he did some running around, and dancing with the Eugene Emeralds mascot.

The problem was after seeing him doing his thing I believe that was all she wanted to see. This went on inning after inning until came time for her turn to hang with the Parrot. After going to the location she learned what she had signed up for. They did a skit with the Parrot dressed as Santa Parrot.

He would ask each of the three kids what they wanted. Above is the picture of the daughter whispering her item. The first kid a boy was to ask for a Pirate Parrot bobblehead. After getting his prize the kid ran off, and the daughter stepped in. Her whispering was for a doll which ended up being a Pirate Parrot stuffed doll. The cool thing is she got to keep the doll which proudly sits on the same shelf with the card you'll finally see at the end.

(too lazy to take a picture I got this from an internet search)

Thrilled about the whole thing she was more than happy to let me take a picture of her with the Parrot when he finally came out for pictures.

After doing pictures he would sign this card, and give it to each person. 
It's quite a large card, and has to be my favorite mascot card. I still to this day am bummed that I wasn't able to get my picture with the Pirate Parrot. They did the daughter, and swept us to the side. By then the line was getting so long we skipped out, and were on our way.

Ending on a funny note. As we were leaving we had to pass by the Emeralds mascot. Sorry I don't know his name all I know is he's a lime green bear. The entire time she kept telling me keep going, keep going. I am not taking a picture with that thing. Til this very day she still won't take a picture with anything related to that bear. I even took pictures of the blow up outside the stadium before a game last year. She refused to go stand near it for a picture.


  1. I love me some mascots, and they don't get much better than the Parrot. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We always catch The Chicken when he's at Sec Taylor Stadium in Des Moines. We have a chicken doll from 1978 that we always bring, so he's gotten to know us as "old" San Diegans. One year, I presented hiim with a fake paternity suit letter. He thought that was pretty funny.