Monday, January 13, 2014


There are so many historical numbers in baseball. While the number 5,714 is important in the record books. With so many records out there it is one that not many remember. We remember all the home run records as most of us have them ingrained in our mind. Some of us have the number 2,632 in our minds as it's the final tally for Cal Ripken Jr's consecutive games streak. There are just so many numbers, but 5,714 isn't one that gets a ton of time.

 Luckily for me Cliff from the online group TradingBases knows the importance of the number 5,714. How do I know this? Cliff was kind enough to send me a PWE that contained just that very number.

Cliff has just been waaaay to good to me lately. This card marks the second time Cliff has sent me a PWE in less than a month. The first PWE contained five new Nolan Ryan cards for the collection. Not finished Cliff once again showed off his generosity by dropping the card above on me. Adding new cards to the Ryan collection is often quite the slow process. Cliff seems to have cornered the market on adding new cards into this collection.

What I have been learning from all this is if you need any new cards for a player collection. Look to a collector of the same player as he'll know what you need.

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