Sunday, January 19, 2014

Another Great Day

So the Super Bowl will be the Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks. This will create an interesting two weeks at work possibly even longer. It's a known fact at work that I grew up in Utah, and thus grew up to become a Broncos fan. Where it gets interesting is that I live right in heart of Seahawks territory. All this means that until the Super Bowl it will be on. Odds are it will continue after the Super Bowl from either me, or everyone giving it to me.

Not only was it great in the fact that my favorite team is going to the Super Bowl. While watching the game I actually followed through on what I posted yesterday. That is working more on organizing the Nolan Ryan collection. Today's adventure got a ton accomplished, but left me still needing to do more. Working down from what was accomplished yesterday 1983-1989 got the bulk of attention. From there I managed to do 1993, and 1994 in the newer stuff. 1994 was fairly easy as all I had in the binder was two cards. It wouldn't surprise me if I have more from that year floating in the stuff which has never made it into the binder. For right now though my attention will remain at getting the current stuff in the binder organized before adding the scattered cards.

A wrench into the mix was while doing all this organizing was the binder itself. After adding more pages to the current binder it was looking stuffed. The only way to relieve the pressure was to throw another binder into the mix. Luckily I have some extras laying around as I pick them up on the cheap at Goodwill on a rare occasion. Getting a new one can be a small problem these days though. I have been trying to color code them to try, and keep some resemblance of order. One day I'll do pictures, and get more in-depth on the system, but not today.

Into the new binder went the entire Nolan Ryan set. The ever popular set dedicated entirely to Ryan now has its own binder. Note the sarcasm. Missing now is a marker for the side so I remember what the binder contains.Until then it'll be more getting the collection in order, and seeing all the cards I've had in hiding this whole time. It'll be like discovering lost stuff you forgot you had. Talk about a rush of fun for possible future posts.

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